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Why Buy A Military Surplus Firearm

Do you like historical artifacts? Do you love shooting firearms? If you answered yes to either of those questions, surplus firearms could be perfect for you. The surplus firearms market offers an excellent opportunity to collect interesting and historically notable firearms. These firearms offer one the rare opportunity to hold a functional piece of history in their hands.

How Firearms Become Surplus

Governments sink significant amounts of money into firearms and equipment with finite service lives. While most of these older firearms are far from being worn out, they have become obsolete by current military standards. Rather than scrapping older guns, governments often place them into long term storage. After firearms sit unused in long term storage for a certain period of time, governments often sell them. Collectors and enthusiasts become the beneficiaries of this system.

Chinese Type 56 SKS Rifle

Historical Appeal 

Firearms play a considerable part in history, and military surplus firearms are certainly no exception. When you hold a Russian Mosin Nagant rifle, you can almost feel the icy chill of the Eastern Front. The steamy jungles of Vietnam come alive when you fire a Chinese SKS. Most surplus firearms have "been there and done that." The signs of combat usage might be as minor as finish wear or as dramatic as trench art where soldiers carve into firearms’ furniture. While all guns indeed tell a story, military service firearms also share the memory of the people that carried them. 

Military Quality at a Reasonable Price

Militaries always aim to equip their forces with the best equipment and firearms available. Before they choose a gun, they must put it through rigorous testing to ensure it reliably functions in all conditions. Surplus firearms already have a reputation for military-grade quality. Consumers reap the benefits of purchasing military-grade firearms at a reasonable price. 

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Rifle

Surplus Firearms Have Historically Appreciated in Value

By the time militaries sell guns as surplus, these firearms are typically out of production. Since these older firearms are out of production, their numbers continuously dwindle. Also, the supply of surplus firearms (particularly foreign ones) tends to ebb and flow. Occasionally, certain surplus firearms flood the market for some time only to become scarce again. As this supply starts to fall off, the value of currently owned surplus firearms begins to increase as well. Military surplus firearms represent an excellent investment. This is evident in the fact that Mosin Nagants no longer sell for $59. 

Restoration and Customization 

When governments place guns into long term storage, they often coat them in a thick, waxy grease known as cosmoline. Cosmoline is a fantastic rust inhibitor that protects firearms from the dangers of moisture. However, one must remove all cosmoline from a gun before safely firing it. Also, a robust market exists for parts and accessories for surplus firearms. Individuals can customize or restore surplus firearms until their heart is content. Folks embark on a fun project where they learn more about their historic firearms through the restoration and customization process.

Beretta Model 81 Pistol


Collecting surplus firearms is a great way to connect with a practical, tangible piece of history. When you go the surplus route, you get the chance to purchase firearms that tell a story. Whether one buys a surplus gun as an investment or for fun on the range, they are a great way to diversify one's collection. Shop our vast selection of surplus firearms and send one to your FFL, or residence if you possess a C&R license for eligible firearms. 

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