HBO's The Last Of Us is already a phenomenal success, something that is rare for movies and television series adapted from video games. Today, we're taking a look at the top 5 guns used in the hit show.

#5. Colt M4A1

The M4A1 features heavily in the series, although the 5.56 NATO cartridge proves insufficient to neatralize some of the larger threats the characters encounter. In real life, the M4A1 continues to see extensive service in the world's militaries and police forces to this day. The availability of ammunition and parts makes this rifle an excellent choice for enduring a zombie apocalypse with your allies.

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#4. Beretta Model 70

Chambered in either .32 ACP or .380 ACP, Ellie's (Bella Ramsey) sidearm of choice is the compact Beretta Model 70. She manages to use it to save Joel (Pedro Pascal) despite having little to no experience handliing firearms. Hopefully with more practice, Ellie can learn to deploy her pistol with even greater efficacy as the series progresses.

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#3. Winchester Model 70

Variants of the Winchester Model 70 are used as sniper rifles in several scenes, including one where Joel provides cover as Ellie makes her way through a crowd of infected. Unliike Ellie, Joel is shown to be quite proficient with all manner of long guns and handguns - as he expertly runs the bolt on the rifle while taking precise shots from his vantage point.

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#2. Ruger Mini-14

During the climactic hospital scene, Joel first uses a captured Ruger Mini 14 to engage the Fireflies guarding Ellie before grabbing an M4A1, as well as several pistols. This configuration of the rifle features a folding stock and is utilized very methodically throughout the first stage of the rescue. 

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#1. Remington 700 BDL

The Remington 700 BDL makes an early appearance in the first episode when Joel's brother Tommy fires it to stop a soldier from executing Joel, who is lying defenseless on his back. Much later, Joel teaches Ellie how to shoot with the rifle, taking the opportunity to demonstrate his expert marksmanship.

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