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Are Glocks Really The Perfect Pistol?

How's it going, everybody? Clint here with Classic Firearms coming at y'all today with take aim training and range. And today we're here to discuss GLOCK Perfection, or is it? Let's hop into this one. This is going to be pretty fun. What I've got here is the GLOCK 19X, and their motto goes GLOCK Perfection. And I've got a couple of other pistols lined up here. Some of which that you've seen in previous videos where Alec and I discussed the MR920 from Shadow Systems. Pretty sweet looking setup here. And also the ZEV Tech OZ9. I am excited to shoot this guy for the first time today. This is going to be some fun.

But we've also got this guy, and what this guy might be is the Marine Corps new adopted SIG N18. And this is what actually won the military contract for the new M17, M18 series. And the 19X is pretty much what was submitted by GLOCK. I don't know what's GLOCK was thinking. Maybe that their GLOCK Perfection is exactly what the Department of Defense needed, even though it didn't really hit on anything that they asked for, like manual safeties and a modular frame, but that's okay. It's GLOCK, right? Now, I'm not hating on GLOCK today. I really am actually a fan of GLOCK. They make probably some of the most reliable firearms in the world when it comes to their pistols.

So without further ado, let's go ahead and actually load up one of the mags that it comes with. It is a 20-round mag, which is pretty awesome. And let's go ahead and take a couple shots with it. A couple of neat things about the GLOCK 19X though, is the fact that it is coming with the integrated night sights, which is a lot better than the GLOCK factory sights. So that's good. Let's go ahead and just take a couple of shots and let's just see how we do here. What can I say? It feels good. What I like about the 19X is you got that short barrel of the 19, but you got the 17-length grip. So that's where you get that extra capacity in your magazine and it just feels a little bit better to grip onto. Feels good and it works as it should. Obviously, it's a GLOCK, it's going to work.



Now, compared to all the guns we have up here, they do have at least one thing in similarity. And that's the fact that they are all striker-fired. All right. And if you're questioning how striker-fired works, just imagine kind of like a, I don't know, like a ballpoint pen. You'll notice that it's under that spring retention, kind of works like that. All right.

So the 19X, like I said, was GLOCK's submission into the military contract and it is a great pistol for what it is, awesome for everyday carry, things along those lines. You've got capacity on your side, multiple magazines that it comes with. It comes with one 17 round and two of the 20-round mags. So capacity for days, which is awesome. The integrated nights sights, again, a lot of good things about it.

GLOCK triggers, we all know, meh, they're okay. Right? Let's go ahead and take a look. You'll see we got a little bit of take up here and then there it goes. Not bad. And then the reset, a little bit of travel, but not bad overall. Not sure if they did much to improve the trigger on it, but it does feel better from the earlier models, or like my 19 Gen 4 that I have. All right. Feels good.

Glock 19X



Sig M18

Now what about the SIG M18, which is pretty much the militarized version of the 320? Now the M18 and how it differs from the M17 is the Marine Corps, just for whatever reason, wanted a shorter barrel. Me being a Marine Corps reservist, Pogue Unit, I'll probably never see this and we're going to keep shooting in nines until I'm far gone, but that's okay. Let's go ahead and take a couple shots with the M18 and see how it feels. And one of the things I'm noticing right off the bat that I'm going to like a little bit better about this, is the fact that it has that front slide serration. So you get that press-check happening right.

You've got a picatinny rail, rather than an accessory rail, like what you have on GLOCKs, which isn't that big of a deal because most of your picatinny mounts, like compact lights, or even your standard lights, are going to work just fine, your sure-fire stream lights, whatever it might be. But you also have an optics cut on it that's coming right out the factory. Not getting that with the GLOCK. So let's go ahead. Let's take a couple of shots with this guy and see how that feels.

So right off the bat, I'm already noticing I'm liking the recoil impulse a little bit more from the SIG. So kind of in similarity with the 19X and the M18, shorter barrel, full-size grip. Right? But also too, you've got the manual safety on this. Like the GLOCK, you also have the ambi slide release. All right? Very cool. And you've also got those integrated night sights that you'll see right back there. The rear dots on the SIG are going to be a little bit finer than what were on the GLOCK. So it makes picking up that front sight very easy. Feels good. All right.

Now, something too, I do like the placement of the slide stop, slide release on these guys, because what I find myself doing, is I'm riding the manual safety with my strong hand thumb like this right here, and I'm not at all touching the slide release. What I had to train myself to do, and from earlier videos you probably saw this with GLOCK, where they position their slide release is right where I like to position my strong hand thumb, and I would find myself shooting, shooting, shooting and then when that last round went, that's what would happen because I would be depressing the slide release like what you see right here. All right. So nicely done.

Like I said, the recoil impulse, it's all nine millimeter, so it's not going to be that bad to begin with, but from what I'm feeling on this guy, it feels just a little bit better. Weight comparison, I will say that the GLOCK feels a little bit lighter. So that is probably why the recoil impulse on this guy feels a little bit better to me. Granted, reasons behind that, you've got a metal magazine on this guy compared to the polymer magazine from the GLOCK. So you've got a little bit more weight in the magazine, which is going to be felt a little bit more in the grip. So anytime you got added weight, that's going to help reduce recoil, which by the way, we have a video coming out all about recoil reduction. So be looking out for that.

Sig Sauer M18



Shadow Systems MR920

Now let's move down the line to another GLOCK-like firearm. And this is the MR920 from Shadow Systems. Again, another gun that you saw previously from Alec and I doing this video, or doing a similar video, but we're out here at the range today doing a little bit of shooting. So that's fun. And you'll notice, just to be consistent here, I do have a Trijicon RMR, but I got it turned off. I am just running the sights that it comes with.

Now, speaking of sights, unlike the 19X and the M18, it only has an illuminated front sight, or I should say a luminescent front sight. So nothing happening in the rear, other than your standard rear iron sight, which still offers a great sight picture, and having that nice, bright dot up front makes it very easy to get that target acquisition. So, that's the right one. Let's go shoot this guy. Wouldn't really matter too much which magazine I grabbed there, but this is a 19-frame, and the OZ has more of a 17-frame. So if I were to shot its magazine, this magazine wouldn't have been compatible with it. So it didn't want to do that.

Shadow Systems MR920



Range Test

All right, so let's take our first couple of shots with this guy and see how it feels. That does feel good. Now, the trigger they have in it definitely feels better than a GLOCK factory trigger. And we'll dry-fire that here in just a moment. So you guys can see what that's like. Getting a nice profile view here. Let's see what type of recoil we're getting out of it. It feels a little snappy to me, which isn't bad, but that's also going to be because of, again, how light this firearm is. Remember, the lighter the gun, typically the more recoil.

So with all the slide cuts on here and all the milling that's on it, it looks great. It's definitely functional, and it makes for a lightweight firearm. Just keep that in mind, when you are looking for an everyday carry, weight reduction is a great thing, but remember, when you draw from that holster and you go to get your shots, be expecting a little bit more recoil. All right, nice.

Now what's also good about that too, though, is it kind of works both ways because you have a little bit lighter frame, that means there's going to be less mass coming back, therefore to shouldn't be as much, but it just feels a little bit more snappy. And I think the reason that is because the frame, or excuse me, the slide, might be moving a little bit quicker. Again, kind of hard to tell without all sorts of gauges and graphs or whatever else, but it just feels still very good to me. And let's go ahead and check out that trigger, like I said, and let's see here. So you notice you got that kind of like semi flat-faced trigger, applying a little bit of pressure, and then there it is. Not too bad. And then let's check that reset. Nice short reset. It feels good. Could definitely be a shot a little bit more, which is something I plan on doing. And that'll break-in that trigger even further. Great.

Zev Technologies OZ9

Now for the last one we got up here is the OZ9 from ZEV Technologies. And this one I'm very excited to shoot because, well, out of all the guns on the table too, it's also the most expensive one, and is it worth that extra money? Just based off of looks here, probably. So we've got the nice, beautiful slide serrations on this guy, which you already know I'm a big fan of. We've also got the optics cut on it. You've got the nice enlarged and flared magwell down here. Beautiful stippling that feels great in the hand. Got a nice undercut over here. Awesome. And a picatinny rail. And what's cool about it is the fact that it is completely modular.

So you can lengthen the slide or barrel. You can shorten the frame, whatever it is that you're looking to do, you can just pretty much apply it however you want or set it up however you want for your application, which is great. Also too, the sights on it, they're not night sights, but you do have a nice thin fiber optic right up front, and with a thinner front sight, that should allow you to get a little bit more precise sight alignment, which should for increase accuracy for you. But let's go out and give it a couple of shots and let's just see how it does. First couple of shots, maybe I'll like it. I'll probably like it. Let's see.

Yeah, so that definitely feels good. The recoil impulse on this guy is nice. Everything's coming just straight back. It has a nice low profile or a low bore axis, as you can see. And the lower the bore axis is, the better, because that means you've got more of that happening. Put it this way, when the mass of the recoil is reciprocating back here, if it's lower to the hand, it's better than being a little bit higher up because, well, I don't know, math, geometry, whatever you want to call it. If you've got all that mass sitting up higher and it recoiling, it's going to bring the gun back further. If it's a little bit more lower bore axis, you've going to have that just straight back. So let's just see how that feels and looks. Nice. So it feels really good. And I got a couple left there, so let's just... There we go. Thoughts right off the top of my head there. Nice.

Now, the trigger on this one feels really good too. And don't let me forget... Well, I don't know how you guys are going to let me forget. I forgot to ghost the trigger on the M18. We'll come back to that one really quick, but let's go ahead and try this one out again. You've got that nice flat facing trigger, which is always ergonomic. Let's feel it. A little bit of take up before you hit just a little bit of a wall, and then some travel. Feels good. Reset. There you go. Little bit of travel. A little bit longer than the shadow systems, but overall, still feels really good.

Zev Technologies OZ9


The M18, let's hop back to this guy really quick because I am impressed with the trigger on this guy. Standard type curvature. And let's go ahead and apply a little bit. You'll see right here, we've got an obvious wall, and then a nice clean break. Feels good. And the reset on it. There we go. Feels good. It's not as positive I don't think as the Shadow Systems. So I will say the Shadow Systems definitely probably has the best trigger in it.

And again, everything you get for the money on the Shadow Systems, and I keep coming back to this gun because I keep... I don't know, the feel of it, the threaded barrel, the threaded... and also too, the fluted barrel, you'll notice that spiral fluting that it's got going on is awesome. ZEV did throw in, obviously the ZEV Tech dimpled barrel on the OZ9. There you go. And it's actually the same barrel that I've got on my GLOCK, except that is threaded. So there you go.

But I will say, coming back to the GLOCK and speaking of it, if you are looking for just a reliable, probably as Alec even said, maybe even the most reliable pistol in the world, coming to GLOCK, and then maybe the GLOCK 19, which is probably the most popular everyday carry pistol in the world, definitely would recommend. If you're wanting something that the military has, the M18 is a great option. But also let me know down in the comments, your thoughts on the SIG M18, M17 series, because there has been some, I guess you could say just confrontation, some, I don't know, some negative situations happening right now, see Canada. But anyway, we'll talk to you guys about that.

All of these are great options and it really comes down to what you're looking for personally and budget. If you're just wanting to go all out, maybe even customize it up a little bit, you want it to be your everyday carry, it's a little bit shorter frame, shorter barrel, definitely check out the OZ9 as it is truly modular. And also the SIG PT20 series modularity is awesome. Right? Then you've got the Shadow Systems over here. I think bang for the buck, this is probably just where it is at with the slide milling and the barrels, the serrations, the stippling on the grip. Everything about it is great. But tried, true, tested all over the world, GLOCK is almost perfection. All right. Five gens of perfection, right?

Anyway, after all of this discussion, I want to hear what you guys think down in the comment section below. If you had to take, if you had the choice for any one of these, which one would you be taking home? I'm curious to hear from you. Also, the last thing I want to talk about is our current giveaway. We teamed up with Grey Man Tactical to offer one of their modular panels that's a MOLLE system panel with the Maxim Defense PDX300 Blackout AR pistol and the EOTECH holographic sight. Included with the panel is obviously the latching mechanism for the firearm and also too, some G-code holsters for the panel, which is pretty sweet. All right. So don't miss out on that. Code word on that guy is Grey, G-R-E-Y. Don't miss out and we'll see you guys next time at glassclassicfirearms.com. God bless you guys.

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