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Brand Spotlight: ZEISS

German optics are famous for quality. While budget optics can get the job done, some folks demand a premium scope. For people that require the very best optics, German optics maker ZEISS is second to none. ZEISS leads the world in optical products across numerous industrial fields for over 170 years. 

The History of ZEISS

The story of ZEISS dates back to 1846 when Carl Zeiss opened an optics shop in the German city of Jena. Zeiss became famous for handcrafting precision optical instruments such as microscopes. Through his experience in making microscopes and other precision instruments, Zeiss developed a reputation for producing the highest quality lenses in the industry. Soon Zeiss' products became well known not only in Europe but around the world. 

Around the turn of the 20th century, ZEISS was a massive industrialized company with thousands of employees across Germany. After producing the most exceptional microscopes and other optical equipment for nearly 50 years, ZEISS entered the telescopic firearm optics industry in 1892. ZEISS developed these first optics for military rifles and machine guns. Around 1907, ZEISS offered variable magnification scopes for the military, and by the 1920s, this same technology was available for civilians. ZEISS continued to innovate through the 1930s for commercial and military clients. 

During WWII, ZEISS produced firearm optics and optical equipment for the German war effort. From binoculars to components of u-boat periscopes, ZEISS was one of the biggest companies to provide materials to the German military. As the war continued, the Allied Powers closed in on German war industries through extensive bombing campaigns; however, this bombing did not damage ZEISS' facilities substantially.

After WWII, ZEISS ran into the significant issue of its production facilities existing in both West and East Germany, with its main facilities in Jena, East Germany. The Soviet Union seized most of ZEISS' equipment and took it back to Russia to improve its domestic optical industry. During the Cold War, the two separated ZEISS companies continued to make firearms optics and camera lenses in both West and East Germany.

Products made by ZEISS in East Germany were the best quality that the Eastern Bloc offered; however, they lagged behind the products made by West German ZEISS. After German Reunification in 1990, both of the separate parts of ZEISS from West and East Germany set about joining forces together again. After the merger, all of ZEISS' facilities worked hard to recover the excellent reputation the original company earned before the end of WWII. Now, all ZEISS optics, regardless of their manufacturing location, are of the highest optical and build quality. 

ZEISS quality is within reach.

Current ZEISS Magnified Optics

The current lineup of ZEISS magnified optics still offers high value and exceptional optical clarity that folks expect. We are happy to provide a selection of four premium ZEISS scopes from their Conquest V4 line. These scopes feature durable, yet lightweight aluminum construction for a lifetime of use. Click here for more information about magnified optics. 

  • ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x50: This quality variable magnification scope is intended for both hunting and target shooting. Featuring patented LotuTec coated lenses and a 30mm tube, the scope transmits 90% of light to the eye giving unmatched clarity. One can easily zoom between the 4 to 16 power settings for accurate target identification. Windage and elevation turrets provide ample adjustments, and Ballistic Stop technology keeps the elevation turret in the right position. Shooting at all distances is simple and easy with the illuminated ZMOAi-1 #93 MOA reticle. This scope uses second focal plane technology and waterproof protection to keep you on target in the rain. 

ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x50

  • ZEISS Conquest V4 3-12x44: This premium variable magnification scope is ideal for target shooting and hunting purposes. Using LotuTec coated lenses, this 30mm tube scope features optimal 90% light transmission for the clear view one expects from ZEISS. The 3-12 power zoom gives the flexibility to shoot at all distances. Capped windage and elevation turrets feature Ballistic Stop technology to keep adjustments in place. The non-illuminated ZBR-1 #91 reticle makes for comfortable shooting at long distances. Second focal plane technology ensures a clear view of the target, and this waterproof scope makes sure you can see in the rain. 

ZEISS Conquest V4 3-12x44

  • ZEISS Conquest V4 3-12x56: ZEISS intends this excellent variable magnification scope for hunting and target shooting. LotuTec coated lenses and a 30mm scope tube ensure 90% light transmission for sharp target clarity. Targets are easy to see both near and far using the simple to adjust 3-12 power zoom feature. Elevation and windage turrets are capped and feature Ballistic Stop technology to keep them from moving unintentionally. The crisp non-illuminated Z-Plex #20 reticle makes precise shooting at long distances easy. The 3-12x56 scope is waterproof for those rainy days in the field and incorporates second focal plane technology. 

ZEISS Conquest V4 3-12x56

  • ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44: This quality variable magnification scope is ideal for target shooting and hunting. Featuring LutoTec coated lenses and a 30mm scope tube, the 4-14x44 allows an incredible 90% of light transmission for unparalleled clarity. Targets both close and long-range are within reach using the easy to adjust 4-16 power zoom. One should never worry about bumping their windage or elevation knobs as the windage turret is covered, and the elevation turret uses Ballistic Stop technology. Shooting at long range is simple with the non-illuminated ZMOA-2 # 94 reticle. Rain or shine, this waterproof scope has one covered, and the second focal plane technology ensures a clear image of the target.

ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44


For over 170 years, ZEISS has stunned the world with its impeccable optical equipment. From a simple microscope shop to the most excellent firearms scopes in the world, ZEISS is a giant in the world of optics. When the shot or hunt of a lifetime is on the line, why accept anything less than ZEISS quality? Shop all ZEISS optics as well as our vast selection of other optic products



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