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The Shortest Rifle In The World (Desert Tech Micron)

Hey everybody. Clint here with Classic Firearms, and we've finally got a beautiful day out here at the range, and I'm here to introduce something super freaking cool. We've had it in a couple of videos, but now we're here to talk about it and shoot it. It's to Desert Tech, Micron conversion kit. What you see right here is what Desert Tech is saying is the world's shortest rifle. It's awesome. It's a bullpup design 11 and a half inch barrel. And you know what? I can sit here and talk about it for a while, which we will, but I think what I really want to do is go ahead and take the 420 rounds that I've got loaded up right here and shoot this guy some and then shoot it some more and yeah, wind up, shooting it some more. So let's go out and start it off. How about it?

Cue the montage.

Last mag. Do it for now. Oh boy. 400 some odd rounds. Cool.

Desert Tech Micron

I got to tell y'all something. I knoW, I know y'all just witnessed a lot of rounds going down range and I'm not going to have a paycheck for the next year because of it. So you're welcome. But having shot now a few hundred rounds through the Micron conversion kit for the Desert Tech MDRX that we have here is awesome. Now it is compatible for MDRs, MDRXs, and pretty much all of the different platforms out there that are MDR MDRX. So with that being said, you can have yourself, a suite SBR set up here. Now let me go and throw that out there. Yes, it is an NFA item. It's not an NFA item to purchase, so have at it, but once you install it into your MDRX, you need to make sure that you do have the appropriate paperwork and filings and all that stuff because of the NFA and all that whacked stuff.

But anyway, so yes, follow NFA guidelines, but again, you don't have to worry about ATF and all that stuff just to purchase the conversion kit 11 and a half inch barrel, pretty sweet stuff. And Desert Tech is claiming this to be the most compact, the shortest personal defense rifle in the world with an 11 and a half inch barrel and chambered in five, five, six, or two to three. And we've been shooting it here with a couple of different mags, just to try it out and make sure that it is functioning well, because this is also our trial of it too.

And it makes sure that this thing works. We've got now approaching, if not already passed 400 rounds through it now, and it is cycling. Wonderful. I did have one mag screw up on me, but that was the magazine, not the gun. So happy about that. And when I've got literally thousands of rounds through these magazines, I'm surprised they've kept up as well as they have. Right now I'm running one of those transparent smoke lancers through it for the final couple of rounds, because I think it just looks so sweet with this platform.

Now, I will say something. It does get hot. Now, It's not so hot that you're not going to be able to grip the guy. I mean, just put on some gloves and don't be a Wuss's, that's fine, but you'll notice like some of the metal components here, like the pens, they will get a little warm. So just pay attention to that. If you're shooting several hundred rounds, consecutively, also a complete full disclosure, Desert Tech sent this guy out to try and we have not loaded it up. We took it literally right out the box and took it to the range. I have load this guy up. Haven't done anything as far as maintenance goes with it. So how they sent it is how I've got it. And it's running.

Now, something else you might notice too on this guy here is the muzzle brake on the end. This is their rate in brake. And they're calling it pretty much their neutral brake because the recoil is a neutral. Let's just watch really close. So let's just slow it down here. I'm going to take one, two, three shots very slowly. So you can actually see the recoil on this guy. This guy barely jumps and it feels amazing.

So yeah, they got it right with this guy. For sure. Now you will notice too, that you do have a pretty short picatinny rail right up top here, but you still have plenty of room and picatinny option to mount optics, if need be. If I were to throw a red dot on this guy, I think placement about right here would be perfect so that we still have a nice field of view, but they sent it with the Magpul MBUS pros and with the illuminated front post, which I think is very nice. Fair, fancy. Thank you guys. I like It.

Desert Tech Micron SBR Kit

The Feel

It feels great to shoot. I got to tell you guys. Let's try [wecandid 00:06:10] with the ejection here. Let's see how this goes. Just for fun.

It feels good. And it's not getting in the way and yes, it's still an Ambi design, just like the MDRX, just switch out the parts and components you need to, and you'll have a left-hand injection. Pretty sweet, right? Overall, I am super happy with this guy so far, that was my last round. And having now shot several hundred rounds through it, flawless execution through this guy feels great, complete Ambi design as pretty much all of their bullpup firearms are. And since I want to say the late 20 teens, that's what desert tech has been doing. "Tomorrow's weapons" is their motto and they are really making some innovative firearms but let's talk more about this guy. Desert Tech back at the video room, compare it to some other bullpups that may have been around for a while that are, I'm not going to even say it's competitor because the PS90, which is a very cool firearm. It doesn't shoot five, five, six, and isn't as completely Ambi as this guy is.

So back here in the video room with the desert tech micron. And I said, I wanted to compare it to another very popular bullpup. How about the PS 90? Now granted the PS 90 is not the short barreled version or the NFA item, like the P90 is with a well P90 is also select fire and all that kind of fun stuff. But this guy does have a 16 inch barrel on it, not the 10.4 inch barrel that the P90 typically has. So if it were to have the 10.4 inch barrel, you'd notice that it would probably cut off right here with the muzzle device included somewhere right in this area. All right. Anyway, that's one kind of show you guys a profile view or a close to profiles, I can get on camera here, stock to stock.

And yeah, you can see that the P90, if it were, would be a little bit shorter than the Desert Tech micron, but it's not chambered in like that, full rifle cartridge, like the five, five, six is this is chambered in 5.7 by 28. And also the micron has an 11 and a half inch barrel. So just over an inch longer, does that make much of a difference? You let me know down to the comments, your thoughts on that. But in my book, I think it is awesome to have a rifle cartridge five, five, six NATO in this case in such a short platform. And I want to touch on a couple of different things here. Just kind of go over the micron from muzzle to stock here, or but however you guys like it, and we'll just hop right into it. So yes, the Raiden muzzle device is phenomenal.

I really like its recoil impulse and everything else. The feeling of shooting this gun, the short stroke system in it, phenomenal adjustable gas blocks. That way you can shoot different loads, different muzzle devices, different silencers. You can do all of that with this very easy to adjust gas block right here. The barrel is also threaded half by 28. Just like a lot of other guns, like your AR fifteens mostly. So if you wanted to throw on a different muzzle device, you can, and maybe some cuties like surefire SOCOM, which I missed an opportunity there, but that's okay. Moving back a little bit further again, you do have a short sight radius on this guy with the pickets, any rail here, but it's actually, I think a very good size for the gun. You've got just a very open area back here to get a great cheek weld.

Desert Tech Micron


And if you wanted to throw on any type of magnified, optic or anything, you've got plenty of space here to do it. So I'm super happy with the setup and design here. If you are running, iron's like I said, short sight radius, but not that big of a deal. This is definitely a CQB firearm. But if you wanted to engage a little bit more at distance, you have the capabilities hands down, no doubt, right? A complete ambidextrous firearm, which is awesome all the way down to the safety lever, magazine release, easy. And even the charging handles. You see this little, these guys right here, right? And also the ejection pattern. If you wanted it to eject left-handed right now, it's set up for a right-handed shooter with the side ejection. Cool. But you could just tip like straight up, just remove this panel, replace the panel on this side, switch those, remove the bolt, rotate the bolt 180 degrees.

And now you've got a left-hand objected firearm. I think that's pretty awesome. All right. Mag release again, right back here, but you've also got one just forward. So if you wanted to retain this mag a little bit easier, just press that guy. It's kind of like a secondary trigger. Now you can retain that mag, whatever you want to do. It's just another option. If you want it. Of course, it's just easy enough to hit the standard mag release right up front, completely up to you. As far as locking the bolt, you can just twist it like you see right here, but also too, if the bolt is locked reload like on an empty mag, you've got the bolt release right here. You may have noticed in the shooting montage there just how easy it is to do reloads with this guy. One thing that's nice about a bullpup is you've got everything right here in front of your face.

So it's easy to maintain your direction on target, rotating the gun, taking a look at everything that you need. Get a great mag insertion. And now naturally your thumb is right here to send the bolt home. They did a good job with that. The ergonomics behind this firearm are spot on, and this is all still just the MDR and MDRX. The micron is simply the conversion kit, the 11 and a half inch barrel. The grip that you see right here. So, and a couple of other accessories, whatever you need for whatever platform of the MDR, MDRX that you have, will be available. So you'll be all taken care of. All right, but I just want to make it known right now that to purchase the kit does not fall under NFA regulations. What falls under NFA regulations is installing it into your MDR or MDRX bullpup rifle.

At that point in time, you have now made an NFA item and you've got to follow those guidelines because well, gun laws, suck. But anyway, it is what it is. So like I said, you do not need a tax stamp or anything like that to purchase the conversion kit. In fact, you can go ahead and submit your serial number and everything else, your paperwork purchase the conversion kit. And then once you get approval, throw it on there and you're ready to go. Same type of approval process of guys that like to take their AR pistols, CZ, scorpions SBRM and throw a stock in a vertical grip on it. Easy enough. Yeah, it takes time and it's kind of a pain, but Hey, it is what it is. Freedom. Right. But anyway, great shooting gun. And let me show you guys through just the trigger on this guy.

Granted, it's probably it's been shot quite a bit now. Not just by me. I'm sure. Desert Tech did quite a bit of testing with it and everything as well, but let's just go ahead. And first off, the trigger is super ergonomic and comfortable. So is the grip right back here? Doesn't have any type of tabs, little finger grooves or anything like that has decent stippling on it. Just a great texture, all around feels good. The trigger I do like that has a little bit more of a integrated curve with mostly a flat face on it feels very good. Let's just go ahead and check that out. All right. And yes, internet RSOs. We're clear. All right. So let's go ahead and applying a little bit of pressure. Boom. That feels good. Feels really good. And I'll just feel that reset. Nice. Short reset.

Desert Tech MDRX chambered in 5.56


Nice and audible to heck, yeah. It just wants to run. All right. Well, great setup. And you can definitely count me in as a fan for this guy. All right. So Desert Tech Micron, make sure you're headed on over to classic firearms and check it out. Check out all of our Desert Tech products, HTI target, interdiction rifle, chambered and 50 BMG bullpup, sweet stuff. We're going to one given away. One of those and probably doing one again.

Speaking of giveaways, let's talk about our current giveaway. This is a classic firearm. Yes. Pun intended everything there. This right here is the ZFK-55. What, I've pretty much like to say a sniper variant of the K-31. And it's a beautiful rifle. It shoots great. It functions flawlessly. I love the straight pool action and everything about this guy.

And if you want to see it in action and hear me talk about it some more. I can't imagine you and hear me talk anymore, but if you want to see more of the rifle, make sure you check out our video, announcing this as our current giveaway. Code word for this guy is ZFK or code abbreviation. All right. So go check that out and again, check out Desert Tech, the micron, all of their products. You'll be happy with it made right here in the USA. I don't want to send it back. Desert Tech I'll be honest. I'm going to take it, run it some more. I'm going to leave it off there. God bless you guys. And we'll see you next on

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