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Walther P99 AS Or DAO Surplus Sale

Surplus doesn't always mean old Mauser's and battle-field rifles, which, by the way, are AWESOME. Sometimes it means something very cool and at a great price! Every now and then, we are lucky enough to find a great cache of near new law enforcement trade-ins. Right now, we have some great, hard to find Walther P99 AS or P99DAO surplus.

These service weapons are trade-ins from the Spanish Guard. They are in great condition, with many in excellent condition, and some even looking brand new.

The Walther P99 9mm Pistol


The Walther P99 AS is an iconic pistol that is one of the most trusted firearms by law enforcement agencies all over the world. This pistol is full of features. The P99 AS is equipped with a double-action/single-action stageable trigger. The trigger pull of this pistol in double action is around 7 pounds, and it has an incredibly light single-action trigger pull at a little over a pound. This law enforcement tool has an extremely short trigger reset, making it fast, fast, fast! The P99 AS also has an ambidextrous paddle-style magazine release, an integrated no-snag decocking button, and comes with ergonomics, safety, dependability, and accuracy that has generated many imitations. Trust the original Walther P99 AS. By the way, if you are wondering what the AS stands stands for Anti-Stress. Anti-Stress is the term that Walther uses to describe the action of when the slide is racked all the way to the rear when loading, causing the internal striker to manually pre-cock to the single-action mode. The trigger remains forward for the first shot and then the anti-stress mode engages. On all subsequent shots, the P99AS is automatically pre-cocked. This reduces the distance of travel for the trigger to 8mm. In addition to the slide being racked back, you can manually activate the anti-stress mode by moving the slide back about half of an inch. 



The P99DAO is simply the P99 in a Double Action Only model. It has a simple and consistent function by allowing the internal striker to stay at rest and without the pre-cock option of the P99AS. The striker returns to the de-cocked position after every shot. This action allows for an anticipated and consistent trigger pull in length and pull force with every shot.



The Walther P99AS and P99DAO are excellent firearms, and Classic has them at an incredible price. Don't miss out on this sale, because once they’re gone, that's all that we will have from this amazing surplus find. I think Carl Walther said it best:

" When it's all on the line, trust P99! "

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