The Kiger 9c from Anderson Manufacturing is the latest Glock-style polymer frame handgun to hit the concealed carry market. Featuring a nicely stippled Gen 3 frame with a beveled magwell, the pistol ships with one 15-round 9mm Magpul PMAG.

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Angled forward and rear cocking serrations aid in manipulating the slide, while the undercut trigger guard ensures the user is able to achieve a firm master grip without becoming afflicted with the infamous “Glock knuckle.” The factory trigger pull weight of 5.5 pounds is about standard for a striker-fired defensive pistol.

Notably, the Kiger 9c is being promoted as a value-tier offering and may be purchased for significantly less than competing Glock clones from companies like Shadow Systems. This makes the pistol an ideal choice for those who are new to shooting or are looking for an affordable entry-level platform they can easily customize to their liking. 

A lifestyle photo of the Kiger 9c highlighting the branded slide

The Kiger 9c: Features And Shootability

The pistol fits the hand well; the grip texturing is positive yet not overly aggressive, and both sides of the frame include a finger rest where most users will naturally index the firearm. Otherwise it is fairly stock, but there are several enhancements shooters will appreciate.

An overview of the Kiger 9c specs and features


Out of the box, the Kiger 9c sports a blacked-out dovetail rear sight and a standard white dot front sight with Glock-style set screw. This sight configuration is ideal for rapid target acquisition, but can easily be switched out for high-vis fiber optic or tritium night sights. 

Looking down the sights


Anderson opted for a 3.91” Gen 5 recessed crown barrel, which is somewhat smoother and provides better lock up to improve accuracy. For shooters who wish to attach a compensator or suppressor, the Kiger 9c is compatible with all threaded barrels made for the Gen 3 Glock. 

A view of the top of the slide


The Kiger 9c features a Gen 3 magazine release and slide catch, increasing concealability and minimizing risk of inadvertent snagging. The tradeoff is that the Gen 3 magazine release and slide catch are not as intuitive as those on future iterations. Fortunately, a number of aftermarket solutions are readily available for shooters who prefer extended controls.

Clint holds the Kiger 9c at a low ready


The factory-installed trigger features minimal creep and a light, crisp break. It feels surprisingly good - especially for a pistol at this price point. Of course, the trigger is interchangeable with all Gen 3 Glock triggers, allowing the Kiger 9c to be tuned to each shooter’s individual preferences. 

A closeup of the trigger


Anderson’s engineers wanted to develop a pistol that is as controllable as it is concealable. To that end, the Kiger 9c has an overall length of 7.35 inches and weighs only 24 ounces with a fully loaded 15-round magazine inserted.

Despite its compact size, the pistol is still comfortable to shoot. Overmolded locking blocks have replaced the traditional roll pin design, which translates to better structural integrity and mitigates frame twist when firing. Low muzzle flip combined with the aforementioned grip texturing allows for more consistent follow-up shots. 

Clint aiming the pistol

The Kiger 9c is also equipped with a standard picatinny rail for mounting lights and laser modules to the firearm. With or without a light / laser attached, the pistol operates dependably and is accurate for a pistol of its size. 

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Use Case: The Kiger 9c

Anderson’s new pistol is built with concealed carry in mind, offering decent capacity with good ergonomics and several nice features that consumers have come to expect. Some will undoubtedly be disappointed that these features do not include an optics plate, although this is to be expected at this price point.

Those who wish to mount a red dot sight will need to have the slide milled by a qualified gunsmith, which carries an additional cost. Nonetheless, the Kiger 9c is a great entry-level pistol right out of the box and will serve both novice shooters and seasoned enthusiasts well. 

A closeup of the Kiger 9c

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