Last month, Sig Sauer released the brand new P365 X-Macro - a 17-round version of the progenitor of micro-compact 9mm pistols, the P365. Influencers and guntubers reacted with uncharacteristic fervor for the summertime by releasing video reviews and range reports.

Everyone is talking about the not-so-micro handgun despite its launch taking place during what has traditionally been a slower season for the firearms industry. The reason being, the X-Macro offers a compelling blend of features from the standard P365 and the larger service-size P320.

The Sig P365 X-Macro

The P365 X-Macro: The Best Of Both Worlds?

The appeal of the original P365 was its compact size and unprecedented (at the time) capacity. It was marketed as the first year-round concealed carry pistol and quickly became popular with private citizens as well as off-duty law enforcement.

Halle Berry’s character in John Wick: Parabellum even carried a custom P365 with a threaded barrel and Grayguns frame. But as awesome as the standard model was, it still didn’t have the capacity or the shootability of a full-size duty gun.

Indeed, the one drawback of micro-compact 9mm pistols is that they are often more difficult to manipulate. Moreover, while they do have improved capacity over single-stack pistols like the Springfield XD-S or Sig’s P938, utilizing extended magazines diminishes concealability, which somewhat defeats the purpose of carrying a micro-compact in the first place.

Watch Clint Review The Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro

Sig Changes The Game, Again

Sig’s solution is as innovative as it is surprising. An unexpected yet welcome summer release introduced a stepped-up macro version of the venerable P365 platform to the market. And while no one really asked for it, consumers can’t get enough.

The pistol, which combines the slim profile and controls of the original P365 with an impressive 17-round magazine without compromising concealability, has sold very well in the first weeks since its launch.

Reception To The P365 X-Macro Micro-Compact Pistol

Reviews have been incredibly favorable, with many shooters citing the P365 X-Macro’s increased capacity as the main selling point. The user gains 17+1 rounds of 9mm in a package that is comparable in size to the Glock 43X and other subcompact concealed carry pistols.

Additionally, the P365 X-Macro features a built-in compensator which reduces muzzle flip and improves felt recoil. This translates to a more pleasant shooting experience and enhances the features Sig fans loved about the original P365.

Use Case: The Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro

At first glance, the P365 X-Macro may look like just another pistol in Sig’s product line. In some ways it’s an amalgamation of the P365, P365XL, and P320. But the P365 X-Macro fills the niche role of a supremely controllable micro-compact with the capacity of a full-size duty pistol.

The platform is the optimal size for concealed carry in warm weather or cold weather. It affords better accuracy and more rounds on tap than competing manufacturers’ micro-compact handguns. For those who liked the original P365, the P365 X-Macro is a definite upgrade and a worthy addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

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