Selecting a concealed carry firearm often comes down to preference, but for many it is equally a matter of affordability. Whereas in the past budget restrictions used to entail compromise, today many reputable manufacturers have begun shifting focus to value-tier handguns.

Consumers now have many dependable yet reasonably priced options to choose from, including several that can be purchased for less than $550. Here are our top five picks.

Collage of the top 5 concealed carry pistols under $550


To be considered for this list, each pistol must have a standard capacity of at least 10+1 and perform reliably during live fire testing. These and other attributes are then used to determine which offerings provide the greatest overall value for shooters. 

The Top 5 Best Guns For Under $550

5. Taurus G3C

The latest iteration of Taurus’s concealed carry pistol is even more lightweight and well-balanced than its predecessor. Forward cocking serrations and aggressive grip texturing compliment the G3C’s improved function and reliability. With a capacity of 12+1 rounds of 9mm, it is an excellent all-around choice for concealed carry. 

The Taurus G3C In Stainless

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4. SAR 9 Mete Platinum

SAR USA conducted an exhaustive 150,000-round livefire test of the SAR 9 Mete before it ever left the factory. The pistol performed flawlessly, and has proven to be one of the most dependable firearms at this price point. The SAR 9 Mete Platinum points naturally and has a low recoil impulse despite its polymer frame, making it a pleasure to shoot.

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3. Tisas PX-9 Gen 3 Special Edition

Offering perhaps the most bang for your buck of any pistol on this list, the Tisas PX-9 Special Edition is an exceptionally well-built handgun with tons of premium features. The ported slide includes an optics plate for mounting an assortment of red dot sights, and the grip is fully customizable. To learn more about the PX-9, click here to read our complete review!

Clint holding up the Tisas PX-9 Gen 3 Special Edition in Space White & Night Stalker Gray

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2. Canik Mete SFT

The Canik Mete SFT combines impressive 18+1 capacity with enhanced ergonomics and proven performance. It features a flared magwell and an optics-ready slide with forward cocking serrations. The pistol ships with two magazines and a reversible IWB / OWB holster, so it is truly ready to carry right out of the box. 

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1. Sig Sauer P365

At around $500, Sig’s original micro-compact 9mm pistol is still one of the best firearms money can buy. The P365 accepts 10, 12, and 15-round magazines and is capable of adapting to practically any self-defense scenario imaginable. Compared to other budget-friendly options, the Sig Sauer P365 packs the most features into the smallest, most concealable package. 

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Concealed Carry On A Budget

Every lawful individual should be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights - regardless of income. Whether you’re new to shooting or are simply looking for an affordable EDC, there are many excellent value-tier pistols to choose from.

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