Some of history's greatest firearms innovations have come about as the result of blending two iconic designs; such is the case with Brigade Manufacturing's new Makasi rifle. 

The Makasi is part FAL and part AR, combining the proven functionality of the former with the ubiquetous controls of the latter. As a result, it is a robust yet incredibly shootable gun and - if we may say so - it looks great, too. 

Kaydi with the Brigade Makasi

A Brief Overview Of The Makasi's Features

With a short-stroke gas piston and bufferless recoil system, the Makasi is easy to keep on target. It also includes a side-folding Para-style stock which allows the gun to be fired from the folded or deployed position.

Kaydi holding the new Brigade Makasi in 5.56 NATO Kaydi with the Makasi, stock folded

The rifle packs plenty of firepower, as it is chambered in the capable 5.56 NATO cartridge. An M-LOK or quad rail handguard enables the operator to mount a wide assortment of optics and accessories. 

With full quad rail

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  • Weight - 7.5lbs
  • Barrel Length - 16"
  • Caliber - .5.56 NATO
  • Capacity - 20 or 30rds
  • Action - Semi-Auto
  • Material - 7075-T6

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