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Russian Saiga 7.62x39 AK-47 Variation Rifle

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Russian Saiga 762 AK variant rifle w/ pistol grip, 16" chrome-lined BBL, semi-automatic, 300m sight, includes one 30rd AK-47 mag - 7.62x39 caliber. These are super nice and feature the Shark Fin tactical forearm furniture.

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Russian Saiga 7.62x39 AK-47 Variation Rifle

Russian Saiga 762 AK variant rifle w/ pistol grip, 16" chrome-lined BBL, semi-automatic, 300m sight, includes one 30rd AK-47 mag - 7.62x39 caliber. These are super nice and feature the Shark Fin tactical forearm furniture.

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Russian Saiga 7.62x39 AK-47 Variation Rifle

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  • Saiga 7.62x39 after some mods (still a sweet without any mods but I prefer to customize my guns.)
  • AK-47 Variation with PWS- FSC47 Muzze Brake,  UTG Tactical Flashhlight, UTG Tactical Bipod, Barska 3-9x50 Huntmaster Scope, Barska AU-11404 Green Laser
  • Laser & Scope
  • Muzzle Brake, Flashlight, Bipod
  • Remove shroud dremel tool and thread job for muzzle brake
  • PWS FSC-47 Muzzle Brake
  • TossanFirearms.com
  • Feb 11 2014 unboxing
  • Stage 1
  • Joining the "family"
  • Saiga AK47
  • Waffen werks 74 grade B
  • Waffen werks 74 grade B
  • Grade B waffen werks 74
  • Saiga conversion Ak-47 with after market Galil forend
  • Saiga conversion Ak-47 with after market Galil forend
  • Classic Firearms Saiga with K-Var Handguards Added
  • Nice-Looking Finish
  • All of the Rifle's Accessories
  • Arrived like this March21
  • March 22 start change over
  • Change over complete 3/22/2014
  • added Arsenal stock set
  • added Arsenal stock set
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x39 caliber
  • Semi-automatic
  • Black polymer furniture
  • 16.5' bbl
  • Chrome-lined bbl
  • Polymer pistol grip 
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

U.S. parts count meets full 922r Compliance - Russian Saiga AK-47 configuration rifle.  One of the smoothest operating, best looking Russian AK-47 rifles available. Fully 922r compliant, accepts all standard high capacity AK-47 mags and drums.  Integral scope mount on receiver. These rifles have been converted from the original Saiga configuration, to a more standardized military style AK-47 rifle configuration.

The U.S. parts count on the rifle itself meets full 922r Compliance.
This allows the rifle to legally use any high cap AK mag or drum r
egardless of its country of origin.  
The compliance conversion on these rifles was done on site by the importer and they were really done right. 
The workmanship is flawless with no sign that these are converted as opposed to a factory finished rifle.

Compliance parts include Buttstock, Pistol grip and 3 piece G-2 No Slap trigger set by Tapco.

I absolutely believe that the conversion on these rifles leaves them in a condition that is of superior quality to the original rifle configuration.

This rifle quite possibly has the best fit and feel of any AK-47 on the market today and accepts and feeds
flawlessly from all high cap AK-47 mags and drums regardless of their country of origin. 

Each Rifle ships complete with one 30rd mag, cleaning kit and manual.

Just as an aside.... Scope mounts slide right up on these and lock in. They match well to the Saiga's and work great. Some images shown above depict the optional scope mount and / or scope package......To order a scope package for this rifle Click Here

Manufacturer's Description

Russian Saiga 762 AK variant rifle w/ pistol grip, 16" chrome-lined BBL, semi-automatic, 300m sight, includes one 30rd AK-47 mag - 7.62x39 caliber. These are super nice and feature the Shark Fin tactical forearm furniture. 

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x39 caliber
  • Semi-automatic
  • Black polymer furniture
  • 16.5' bbl
  • Chrome-lined bbl
  • Polymer pistol grip 
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Great purchase
Review by joe on 2/15/14
This rifle is by far the best AKM variant I have owned, it is built solid, the action and trigger are so smooth. If this rifle is in stock then you should buy it. You cant go wrong with a Russian built AK, there are still Russian AKs from the 50's still being used today. This is half the cost of an Arsenal and its the same gun just not as pretty haha. Thanks again classic firearms
Video Review
Saiga 7.62x39 AKM
Uploaded by Joe tacus
yes part 2
Review by executioner on 4/20/13
Just wanted to share my before and after...it was build to my liking.....
Video Review

Uploaded by
I love this rifle!
Review by Mike on 3/18/13
I bought this rifle from Classicfirearms.com and its awesome! Shoots great, looks great, and a great price. I added a few mods but even without the mods its still a great rifle.
Video Review

Uploaded by
Awesome rifle!!
Review by Mike on 3/16/13
Bought my 7.62x39 in September as a shooters package and I love it! Shoots smoothly, no jams or misfeeds (even with steel case ammo), and more accurate than my brothers WASR 10/63. Thanks for an awesome deal on an awesome rifle.
Heres a short vid of me shooting my rifle (not a video review but more of me just having fun.)
I have added a few mods but they are mostly cosmetic its still a great rifle without the mods.
Video Review

Uploaded by
Saiga I bought a few years ago
Review by Devon on 3/16/13
I LOVE this rifle! It is very accurate and super reliable! The price is great as well! I love doing all of my business through Classic Firearms because they have all of my favorite guns both modern and classic.
Video Review
Saiga Rifle bought from Classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by D Rail
Saiga 7.62x39 AK-47
Review by Kevin on 9/22/12
I purchased mine at www.classicarms.us and was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the price was for this unit.
Video Review
Where to get CHEAPEST Saiga AK-47 $450 Unboxing and Review @ ClassicFirearms.com
Uploaded by gasper44
Just put 100 rounds through my Saiga and so accurate
Review by Donnie on 4/12/14
I love the quality of the conversion of this Saiga. I just put 100 rounds throught it using 5 different magazines and even the tapco pro formed excellent!
Review by Michael on 4/6/14
Right out of the box,no cleaning or lube.Handled metal mags from Korea & Romania as well as Tapco polymer mags.I have,so far, put over 300 rds. of Tula & Golden Dragon ammo thru this rifle without a glitch.Very happy with the rifle and the price from Classic.
Good rifle
Review by PD on 4/5/14
Finish on rifle was very good. I would have like a steel magazine instead of the tapco mag that came with it. For some reason it was really wobbly. I thought i got a poorly milled out receiver but it turns out it was just a bad mag. My steel surplus mags and other tapcos i have fit tight. I did cut the shroud off of the barrel end to see if the muzzle was threaded but it was not so i threaded it myself. Took it to the 100 yrd range today and i was impressed. Very nice groups with iron sights. Ran with no problems that's why i gave it 5 stars despite the bad mag.
Saiga Ak
Review by Glock guy on 4/3/14
Love this rifle! Classic Firearms is a great company to deal with. Great product as promised and very nice people! If you want a nice AK variant don't hesitate to buy one of these while you can. I put an over molded grip ,a quick detach scope mount, a red dot/ green dot, a bolt on muzzle brake and a sling on it. It's now my new favorite. Thanks Classic Firearms!
Great rifle
Review by Leland on 3/31/14
Great ak for a great price. Only downside when I cut the muzzle shroud off it didn't have threads. Easy fix at work though. Thanks again Classic Arms
Awesome rifle
Review by Ken on 3/29/14
Everything about this rifle is great. It is accurate right out of the box with just a slight elevation adjustment. The conversion is top quality, you can't even tell it was done. The bullet guide is even welded in. Everybody in the family loves to shoot it. It is easy to clean and very solid. No rattle or loose parts. The only thing left to do on it is to complete the front end conversion with a muzzle break, gas tube and hand guard. You can't go wrong. Customer service was great. I got no complaints about Classic Fitearms or the rifle I bought.
Great rifle!
Review by D on 3/26/14
I got out to the desert finally and I could not be happier. The fit and finish of the conversion was fantastic. I was able ran through five 30rd tapco mags and two Romanian steel mags and I had zero problems. Rifle did get a little hot!
Review by Tony on 3/24/14
Excellent fit and finish on the rifle and ordering from Classic Firearms was quick and the tracking updates were an added and nice bonus. Very fast shipping also.
My Second Saiga and Happy as Ever!
Review by Kelly on 3/22/14
If you want a first AK variant in 7.62x39mm for your collection, this is, by far, the best one that you can get. Before buying this particular rifle, I already had an IZ-132, but I wanted to keep it in its traditional configuration. When I saw the converted ones on Classic Firearms, though, I knew that I had to have one. The Saiga platform is arguably the best machined and fitted of the AK variants out there, barring the Vepr or other quality milled versions.

Because I spent most of my time doing barrel break-in procedures, I only had time to fire 80 rounds through the rifle during my first trip out with it, but those 80 rounds of Tula 122 grain FMJ cycled the action flawlessly, and the rifle kept a quick 20 rounds all within about a six-inch circle, using the iron sights. I am certain that a more deliberate effort could have grouped 3-5 rounds within about two inches, but I'll have to see about that later.

As far as the rifle's readiness out of the box, I did not have to make a single adjustment to the sights. The windage and elevation were already dead on. Additionally, the very light weight of the Tapco trigger was a big contributor to the ability to so quickly throw those rounds into a respectable group at 100 yards. While the trigger is light, it is creepy and spongy, though. Figuring out where the first stage ends and where the trigger will actually break takes some getting used to, as does bringing it out to its reset point. For an AK, however, I'll take it.

One of these only costs a little more than one built from surplus parts in a former Soviet satellite state, and you will enjoy the benefits of a real piece of quality Russian hardware. If you choose one of the Saigas, you will not regret it.
Review by AKFan on 3/22/14
I ordered this after reading the rest of the reviews.

I'd been thinking of getting a Saiga Sporter and converting it myself but after reading all the positive things about Classic Firearms and this particular conversion I went for it.

First, let me say Classic Firearms runs a first class operation. Shipping was speedy and they kept me informed all along the way. Even letting me know that it had arrived at my FFL. Awesome!

I got the rifle home and looked it over in detail. I was thrilled. Here are the details:

Everything is new production Russian. This is no parts gun from de-milled kits or military arsenal reject parts. You''re getting a factory fresh Russian receiver, barrel, bolt, bolt carrier and piston right from the source.

Chrome lined barrel and chrome lined 90 degree gas block.

Trunnion, gas block and front sight all lined up straight. We all know a little front sight cant is okay and within military spec but it's nice to have it perfect right out of the box.

The trigger group and guard was moved forward and done with immaculate detail. If you've done a Saiga conversion you know that sometimes the area under the original trigger guard location might be an unfinished metal surface from the factory. If it was unfinished on this one and the guy who did the conversion touched that area up, you'll never be able to tell that it didn't leave Russia all nice and black. Super job!

Tapco single hook trigger group. Great trigger in an AK.

The safety lever has a notch in it to hold the bolt open which is great if your range has rules about locking the action open during cease fire.

Looking over to the left inside of the receiver, what do I see? Not a shepherds hook spring, but a retaining plate. That is so cool. I don't know if it came like that from the factory or they put one in during the conversion, but either way it's a nice upgrade that saves you money replacing it yourself.

The Saiga Sporter bolt hold open mechanism is removed as part of this conversion. I prefer that. Puts it more into real spec of the AK.

The bullet guide is welded on and done right which is the heavy duty way to do it.

The extra rivet holes towards the rear of the receiver are filled in with great care. You really can't tell it didn't come like that from the factory unless you knew what those rivets were for.

Mags fit nice and tight, but not too tight. I tried it with the included Tapco, my Chinese, Romanian, East German, Hungarian Tanker mags and Romanian Drum - no problems.

The buttstock is a Tapco unit and seems the same size as my other Warsaw length stocks, which I like. To be honest I compared it to an Arsenal one I have laying around here. Really there isn't much difference other than the Arsenal has the cleaning kit opening. Matter of fact the sling swivel on the Tapco seems a bit sturdier than the Arsenal one. The Tapco sling swivel is a side mounted swivel.

I don't know what brand hand guard it is on it and I wasn't sure about it until I got it. In person it looks really cool and feels real nice in the hand. Maybe down the road I might try something else for giggles but there really is no need. In the hand it feels like a Polish Beryl hand guard, which to me is about the best feeling AK hand guard out there. Frankly, I'm liking the extra length of this hand guard.

Receiver has the mag well dimples we all love.

Left side has standard Russian optics mount and it's at the correct height as compared to some the of the goofy things you see on other rifles.

I really have to commend the guys who did the conversion. Honestly I can't think of how they could have done it better. It's obvious from the attention to detail that the guys doing it know what they're doing and that they care about quality and pride of workmanship.

The bottom line is, if you even think you have an inkling that you want an AK style rifle, this is the best deal going hands down.

Classic Firearms, I don't know how you guys are able to offer this rifle at this price, but I sure am glad that you do.

Review by lousy shooter on 3/20/14
The rifle is in top notch order. At first I thought it did not have the bullet guide in it and was confused but I took a second closer look and discovered it was welded in not screwed which I didn't expect. It is a seamless installation, so good I didn't see it the first time. I am excitingly pleased with the quality of the rifle. It functions flawlessly. I highly recommend it to other buyers. GET ONE !!
Great rifle!
Review by David on 3/19/14
Although I had to wait two weeks to get it, I am so excited to have it.
Best AK Deal Period!
Review by Kyle on 3/19/14
This is a very high quality AK for a little more than the price of a WASR. I also own a I.O. Inc AK and this Saiga BLOWS IT OUT THE WATER. You can feel the quality when you hold it. You better get them now because with everything going on in Russia and Ukraine these could very well be banned soon.
Review by AKIAN on 3/19/14
I just picked up my rifle, what a beautiful weapon, I still can't believe I only paid $619 for such a high quality AK. I absolutely love the hand guard. Get it while you can.
Saiga converted AK
Review by GuidoFL on 3/16/14
These are not parts kit rifles, all new as the workings left the factory except for the great Tapco G2 trigger system. These are fully assembled in Russia and converted in the US to meet import rules. I have a few of these and can truly state these converted Saigas are the best AK buy bar none. For a few bucks you can finish off the front end conversion and swap out the furniture, These rifles are deadly accurate right out of the box !
Review by Chris on 3/7/14
I have to begin by saying this was my first Internet purchase of a firearm. So I did a ton of research, but was still really worried about the quality of the firearm. I was just apprehensive about buying something without laying my eyes and hands on it first. So along came an unexpected winter storm, and the folks at Classic Firearms were snowed out. I few days later they were about to resume business, and I placed my order then. However, a second storm came the following day, and they were snowed out again! Even through all of this, Classic Firearms must have worked like crazy because my rifle shipped in 7 days. Arrived at my FFL two days later. So right away I'm thinking these guys are incredible! Then I opened the rifle. Wow. This rifle is awesome! The fit and finish is top notch. The action is so smooth. I have another AK, and I must say that this Saiga is far superior. It is converted by RWC and they do a fantastic job. I am just impressed beyond words. Very happy that I took the leap and made this purchase! Something other reviews didn't mention is that the safety selector has a notch for locking the bolt open. Another plus in my opinion. Thanks Classic Firearms! I will be using Classic for many more purchases!
Great gun and service by Classic Firearms
Review by Jeff on 3/6/14
Overall I am very happy with my Saiga AK-47 that I purchased from Classic Firearms. There service was great, shipping was fast and my gun was packaged very well! Now the gun, I don't know a lot about AK's besides that Saiga makes a great gun. The rivets look great, very little mag wobble, sights are straight and it seems to very accurate what little I have shot it. I have shot Wolf military classic, non-corrosive steel cased ammo and the gun cycled flawlessly. If your looking for an AK rifle, I definitely recommend the Saiga and purchasing it from Classic firearms. They do have unbeatable prices!
Very nice!
Review by Greg on 2/23/14
A very nice rifle! I had received it on the same day I received a Saiga AK Variant in .223 from another popular online firearms sales department (Classic didn't have one in stock). While Classic Firearms sent my Saiga AK 7.62x39 in the factory box with a manual and accessories, the "other" place sent it thrown in a cardboard box with shredded paper and no manual. I was most unhappy that the rifle had a lot of tool marks from the conversion process. The Classic Firearms Saiga came to me as if it was manufactured right from the factory floor. I had also made a recent purchase of two Mosins from Classic and was very pleased with the condition of the rifles. Classic rocks!
Exceeded my expectations
Review by Jason on 2/23/14
This was my first AK and my first online firearms purchase. I was very hesitant to purchase from an online retailer but the reviews of Saigas in-general and the deal offered by Classic Firearms led me to take the leap. The quality of the gun and service from Classic Firearms both exceeded my expectations. I picked-up my gun today from my FFL and put 120 rounds through it from 4 magazines. I didn't clean it, wipe it down or even so much as run a patch through the barrel. I just verified the barrel was clear, loaded a magazine and started shooting. The gun functioned perfectly. No FTF or FTE. The action is smooth and the trigger really is as good as everyone else has said. I found the gun surprisingly accurate-much more accurate than I am. The two guys in the lane next to me at the range really liked the look of it. They commented that it looked more solidly built than most other AKs they had seen. When I finished my last mag, I commented to them that I had just picked up the gun today and had to make sure it worked. One of them looked at my pattern and said, "I'd definitely say it works". The product description is spot-on; There are no external signs, at all, that this gun was converted from another configuration. The mag well and trigger group look perfect. The only indicator that this was originally in another configuration is the weld on the bullet guide. I'm no welder but it looks very clean and well done and certainly functions smoothly so far. There is some slight mag wobble which I am told is pretty normal for an AK. It had no effect on function with the four mags I used (all Tapco). I rested the gun on the magazine and also used the magazine as a grip and it just kept functioning flawlessly. I was using the steel case, Wolf ammo, bi-metal FMJ.

The service from Classic Firearms was also a pleasant surprise. I placed the order right before the ice storm hit them and, even while dealing with that, they were still quick to answer my many questions, both over email and phone. They even responded to some emails well after their normal business hours. I will absolutely buy from Classic Firearms again, with confidence.
great AK-47
Review by patrick on 2/21/14
I just picked up my AK from FFL and I must say it is beautiful. If you have the money now buy one before you cant. Also, thanks classic for the great deal. I am looking forward to more business with you!
Saiga AK47
Review by Eric Flores on 2/12/14
Im very happy with classicfirearms.com you guys rock. This AK is in top notch and well converted. Thanks again and will buy again.
Saiga AK47 Variation
Review by John on 2/12/14
I picked this rifle up from local FFl two days after I ordered! Amazing service, I have purchase numerous time from Classfirearms, your products and customer service are second to none! All of my friend are now actively looking a Classic Fire Arms for there next rifle or pistols. I can't wait till this weekend to shoot this baby! I have a Saiga 12 gam and a Waffenwerks AK74 I purchased from Classic fire Arms that will be at the range this weekend. Keep up the Great Work guys, you rock this Shit!
Everything you could want in an AK, at a great price!
Review by David on 2/12/14
If you have been scouring the internet or local firearm dealers for the best quality AK at a reasonable price, then your search is over.

Everything from the rivets to the front sight is squared away. The rifle feels solid, operates smoothly and has an excellent finish. Along with the the accessories it also includes a certificate from the Russian manufacturer as to the accuracy and functionality of the rifle.

Inspecting the converted parts, there's no telling that this was in any other configuration.

This is a quality made rifle that comes from a company of good reputation with all the extras you would want to find in an AK (chrome lined chamber/barrel, optics rail, new & matching parts/serial numbers).
Saiga 7.62x39
Review by Steve on 2/11/14
Picked up the rifle today. Having restored Saiga's before back to original configuration, I can honestly say that the trigger, stock, mag, and bullet guide conversion are top notch from Classic Firearms. The rifile was left in excellent shape after the conversion. I looked it over hard for blemishes left over from the conversion and did not see any. Great job. This is a great deal - money wise and time wise - over buying an unconverted Saiga and restoring it on your own. Installed new gas tube and hand guards. Just have to thread the barrel and I will have completed restoring the rifle back to original configuration. Highly recommend this route if one is looking for an AK that is new and not made up from a parts kit.
Excellent AK Conversion
Review by DJ Ryan on 6/28/13
This is a great AK conversion from classic firearms. The new forearm is great. I love the tapco trigger!!! Sweet deal!
Review by DJ on 6/28/13
This rifle is excellent. I am incredibly happy with the new handguard. I was worried that it might be tacky.. But it's nicer than the one they used last year. Second one from Classic. Very sweet!
Rifle and Service
Review by Merriman on 6/27/13
I recently picked up this rifle and I have got to say it's a beauty. Right out of the box I fell in love so I showed it some love, cleaned it up and went to the range.

Right out of the box accuracy and my friends couldn't keep their hands off it. Glad I made the purchase.

Classic Firearms' service was perfect and this was the second of many transactions to come!

Keep up the good work! Blessings!
Just what I wanted!
Review by Dave H. on 6/24/13
My Saiga was delivered promptly to my FFL and Saturday I got to pick it up. All was as ordered and the rifle was immaculate. I cleaned it and put a couple of mags of Golden Tiger ammo through it with perfect functioning. Cleaned it again and have been practicing taking it apart and putting it back together. This is my first experience with an AK type weapon, and I'm glad I went with the newly made Saiga over one of the AKs built from a collection of parts.
Thank you, Classic!
Perfect gun
Review by Erik on 3/25/13
I purchased this gun Dec 2012. This is my first assult style rifle of any sort. I was blown away by how easy it was to take apart/clean/mantain. I've gone through at least a 1000 rounds with no jams, and smooth sailing. I put a Burris XTS-135 w/the AR Tripler on it, and love this thing!!
Great gun!
Review by Phil on 3/18/13
Great gun and Classic made the purchase experience enjoyable and easy. Thanks Classic!
Review by david on 3/18/13
Classic firearms is by far the best damn site on the internet. I received my saiga ak47 with a wink of an eye....the rifle is awesome and shoots great. I changed out the shark tactical forearm and replaced it with a picantinny rail system and folding grip because the rifle got very hot after feeding 100 rounds through it. I still rate it at 5 star and its my first rifle....I already placed a 2nd order with classic firearms for the mosin nagant OOoo yeah....classic you have a life long customer and I already told co workers and family members about your speedy shipments and great selections
Love it!
Review by Nam Vet on 1/30/13
I bought a beautiful Saiga 769×39 from you in December (100012547) . My FFL guy did the deed, great guy. I cleared background checks, cool. I got it home.

Now I have added a beautiful scope mount and scope. Because of the run on Ak's and AR's and hi-capcacity magazines I am still going to gun shows to sell-off the excess magazines that I had to buy on auction (because of the shortage).

I was just looking at it tonight. This converted Saiga, able to take regular AK magazines is so beautiful. I had too many doubts for too many years. I had an SKS. I cheaped- out. Now, my Saiga allows me to feel I am protecting my family as much as I can.

I am 63. I am a Nam Vet. I was an infantry squad leader. I have never shot at anyone. Not even in the Nam! I actually love my luck.

Man, I love life. I do not want to kill anyone or anything. Newtown Connecticut is a terrible affront to us all. But if anyone or anything comes after my family, I am still here. And my family and I shall remain here.

Thank you for my ability to protect everything I love.
great rifle and price
Review by Mark on 12/19/12
Just got this before the price hike and events in conn. Got the whole package mags and scope. This is a quaitly piece. I hope the gov lets me use it before they do stupid stuff.
Great Rifle
Review by dcharger69 on 11/30/12
Great Rifle. I have had mine for about a year. No problems at all. It was much more affordable than other quality AK's. Conversion was done with quality work. Accurate and flawless function.
The only thing I am changing is the front sight block. Using a Bulgarian AK-74 front sight block so I can use a threaded suppressor and gain the bayonet lug.
Thanks for the great value.
Review by Mark on 11/22/12
I've had this rifle for about a month, put about 1000 rounds through it. It's my new favorite firearm, there's no flaws about this rifle that actually grinds my gears. Overall it's a bitchin' package, I'd recommend ordering it. This rifle, women and tannerite go well together.
Great rifle for great price!!
Review by JAMES on 10/26/12
Great rifle.. there was a deep scratch where the safe selector moves up and down and some scuffs on the buttstock but for the price that's nothing. For all you gun snobs who buy a 600 dollar ak then come on here and say how horrible everything is and pick out every little flaw i mean what do you expect? For the price there is no other rifle that comes close whether it has a couple scratches or not. If your that worried about small stuff then i suggest you buy the same rifle from arsenal for 300-500 more and even then its possible to have the same flaws. If the gun shoots when the Zombies are chargin at you then the scratches don't really matter lol.
Great rifle
Review by Koaltrane on 10/24/12
This is a great rifle, love it. I do have a couple very small complaints, nothing about the rifle itself, just the furniture. I for one could not get a good sight picture on my converted Saiga without digging my cheek into the Tapco stock, so I have replaced the stock with an East German side folder. This is where my second complaint comes in. When you guys converted my rifle, you guys put in actual steel rivets into the holes where the old FCG used to be which made it a real pain to get the East German folder in. I had to dremel off the rivets and repaint. I mean it wasn't that big of a deal but if you don't like Tapco stocks, I'd suggest getting a different one. I mean other than those two things, it's an awesome AK. The MD Arms pistol grip was alright, mine was a little loose when I took out of the box, so I just tightened it up a smidge. It's a good grip, just not really my preferred style. All in all, awesome gun and a good deal. I bought mine before the shooter's package was offered, so I don't have all the fancy extras. So this is really just a review of the gun and the conversion.
Great Deal
Review by Daniel on 10/12/12
This is my first Ak47 type rifle. I looked around on the net and basically this package is unbeatable. For the same price at other retailers you just got the rifle and maybe one 30 rd mag if you are lucky. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but everything shipped fast and everything was there. 4 Tapco mags is a sweet deal, they fit great. Only small thing, and this might be because I'm noob to these rifles, there was some sort of orangish substance between where the trigger guard meets the receiver. At first I thought it was rust, but it seems to have mostly wiped off so no big whoop.

Overall, awesome purchase and I would definitely buy from Classic Arms again. Glad I found them!

Thanks for the great review Daniel! that orangish stuff you mentioned is likely bluing salts that were not cleaned off completely. It is common to find that on these Rifles - it should wipe right off very easily. We are happy yo have you as a customer :)............God Bless, Rick Jones

- The Classic Firearms Team

Review by bam on 10/9/12
Got mine this afternoon shoots and operates great no jams ect ,everything they tell you in the ad is right up to snuff . Customer service and all the help you need from a great bunch ty Classic
This package cannot be beat!
Review by marshall on 9/30/12
What a great deal! The rifle shoots straight right out of the box, the high cap mags fit perfect and feed flawlessly, and it shipped in only 2 days. I am very happy with this package and highly reccomend it to anyone!
best ak for the money you can buy period
Review by Brandon on 9/21/12
bought this ak 9/11/12 it is awesome fit and finish is great had a romanian this ak blows it away in quality and everything else if i can make on suggestion spend the little extra and buy this saiga ak i think it is the best quality for the value of any ak 47 on the market i have had and shot many ak's in my life it is well worth it i will be buying another one
Great rifle
Review by joseph on 9/16/12
Ordered on a Friday and got it the following friday. Just took it out to the range today, it functioned great. Will buy from classic again
Nice rifle
Review by Mike on 9/13/12
Just got mine today from classicfirearms.com its a sweet deal and an awesome rifle. The local gun shops want $200 bucks more and they never have them in stock so I gotta say thank you to classicfirearms.com .