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Polish Radom P64 Pistol - 9x18 caliber

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Pistol, Historic Polish P64 pistol manufactured in the famous Radon Plant, semi-automatic, includes two 6rd mags, 9x18 caliber, good condition.
This is the last of them, so buy one while you still can.

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Polish Radom P64 Pistol - 9x18 caliber

Pistol, Historic Polish P64 pistol manufactured in the famous Radon Plant, semi-automatic, includes two 6rd mags, 9x18 caliber, good condition.
This is the last of them, so buy one while you still can.

Polish Radom P64 Pistol - 9x18 caliber

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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 9x18 caliber
  • 6 shot
  • semi-automatic
  • 2-6rd mags
Caliber 9x18
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

Famous Polish quality in a P-64 Makarov Pistol. 9x18 caliber, 6 shot, semi-automatic.  Comes with 2 mags.  These are in good to border line very good condition. Mechanically they are all fine and they all seem to have nice bores, but some will have more holster wear than others and you can expect a certain degree of the bluing to be rubbed off, especially on the sharp edges.  In the worst case,you should expect 70 %  to 80 % blue and you may also see a few light scatches. This is actually nit picking our own product because overall this is a very nice lot.   Most of the wear we are seeing is right on the front edges of the slides where they have gone in and out of leather holster.  No pitting or heavy grease, these are clean and ready to fire.

The remaining pistols we have in this current batch are all very consistant and as such we are not offering a hand select option at this time.
We simply don't think there is enough difference between the individual pistols to justify the additional charge. 

Manufacturer's Description

Historic Polish P64 pistol manufactured in the famous Radon Plant, semi-automatic, includes two 6rd mag, 9x18 caliber, good condition

This is the last of them, so buy one while you still can.

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 9x18 caliber
  • 6 shot
  • semi-automatic
  • 2-6rd mags
Caliber 9x18
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Review by Vincent on 2/13/13
Great quality firearm.
Video Review
Dueling P-64's and More by FirearmPop
Uploaded by FirearmPop
Took to liking it and ordered another!
Review by shughes53 on 1/28/13
I left a 4-star review for the first one I ordered. Despite the fit and finish I decided to order a second, which surprised me by coming in nearly perfect condition. I am extremely picky, too (the one in the video is the first one... has some worn bluing and scratches on the grips). Considering these are surplus, this is definitely understandable. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with both weapons. They have never had any failures. They feel good in the hand and ammo is not too expensive, which is nice. Get one!
Video Review
Polish P-64 at a glance (bought from Classicfirearms.com)
Uploaded by shughes53
Great little carry gun
Review by Mrgunsngear on 12/14/12
For $200 it can't be beat. Built like a tank and absolutely reliable. I don't know why anyone would buy a Hi-Point with this as an alternative.
Video Review
Polish Radom P-64 9x18 Makarov Review (HD)
Uploaded by Mrgunsngear Channel
Buy one while you can.
Review by Chris on 8/3/12
My short video review for the P64. Thanks to everyone at ClassicArms. You guys made a long-term customer outta me!
Video Review
Review of Polish P64 from ClassicFireArms.com
Uploaded by Chris Martin
Polish Radam P64 - Nice Gun
Review by Jon on 4/10/14
Just received my P64 this afternoon and I am really pleased. It looks almost new - bluing is perfect - no wear on grips or frame - wow!

I was glad to see these back so I ordered one as soon as I saw they were available.

I'm glad I didn't wait because it looks like they're all gone again.

Great little gun!
Good condition pistol but....
Review by V on 4/8/14
CAI put a billboard for their import marks. Why does CAI do this? That's just being lazy and sloppy. Aside from that I'm happy with my purchase. I bought this to be a shooter so it's fine. Classic delivered pretty quick as usual, thanks.
Review by Steve on 3/6/14
I ended up buying 3 of these Pistols. They are built like a Tank and will last forever. The double action pull is heavy. Gonna change out to wolf springs. Single action is fine on all of them.
I liked them so much i ordered Holsters and extra Mags from a guy in Poland on Gunbroker.
Good Gun, even better with simple mods
Review by Bob the Biker on 7/14/13
Bought two of these, one had minimal holster wear, the other had a bit more on the nose, but were mechanically very sound. They had both seen a good deal of use but were very well maintained internally and externally. SA pull is nice and even, but DA pull needs a gorilla grip to pull the trigger. Swapping out the stock 25# hammer spring for a 17# Wolff spring did a world of good for both of them, made the DA pull much more manageable, and reduced the effort to rack the slide as well. Has not created any issues with light strikes. Have not had any issues with firing, feed or ejection with either gun with several hundred rounds through them, and the accuracy is remarkable for their size. Add in the 3 day turnaround from order to receipt, and this has been a very satisfying purchase. Thanks Classic!
Tight Trigger
Review by Ashton on 5/30/13
So ya, I'm not sure if I received a fluke but when I received my P-64 I could not pull the trigger in double action. Even with two fingers it was extremely difficult and I'm not a little guy. I'm 6'5" and 225 lbs and wrestling with this little gun. I have tried oiling it up, but it just makes it worse. I have read on forums that you can get a CZ spring for it, then cut the spring and install it but I'm hoping it works itself out. It fires great in single action! Cycles fine also, but I'm disappointed that everyone is so happy with theirs and I got the runt of the litter.
very nice
Review by charles on 5/23/13
the P64 was very nice, just what I was hoping for.
Shoots very well but will be buying a spring kit to lighten single action trigger pull a bit.
awesome gun
Review by steven on 5/23/13
Got my p64 within a week of ordering it, shipped fast, hassle free! Classic firearms was a pleasure to do business with. As for the gun, cant say enough good things about it! Mine came with very minimal holster wear, just a little around the muzzle and I mean little. Inside looked even better, the bluing on the rails wasnt even worn off all the way. Im very pleased with my purchase and have been carrying it every day since I got it. My poor sig has been collecting dust now b/c this carries so well and is so concealable. The D/A trigger pull is god aweful, ordered new hammer spring and recoil spring from wolf and polish up the internals and it is much much much better now. If ur on the fence about this one, go for it! U wont be dissapointed.
great service and product every time!!!
Review by christopher on 5/17/13
Hey! Fast shipping, easily ordered and super good condition 95+% on a cool little pistol. Again a fine experience!
Great concealed carry
Review by Guy on 5/17/13
I'm very happy with both the service from Classic as well as the P64 pistol. Very slim easily concealable design. Has stout recoil but it's not a target gun, right? Carry it with ease and know the 9x18 round has some real power behind it for both the size of the gun and the round.
The P64 was in good condition
Review by Gary on 5/16/13
The P64 I received was in very good condition with minimal signs of wear any place on the outside or inside surfaces. Shipping was relatively fast. At the range it fired consistently with no problems. Now if only ammo could be found at a 'normal' price.
great gun, great price
Review by Sean on 5/10/13
I would rate the finish on the gun at 80%, but there was no hand-select option, so I'm happy with it, especially since these guns are now almost impossible to find online. I took it apart and cleaned it, but there were still a few very minor function problems on the first range trip - after another cleaning and a few adjustments, gun works great! Super easy for concealed carry - great transaction!
Review by Emerson on 5/8/13
Well worth spending the extra cash. Came in very good to excellent condition, with minor scratches to the grips and 95% blueing intact. Bought some new wolf recoil/mainsprings for it and haven't had any problems yet. Great inexpensive, quality buy for those interested in easter european C&R guns.
Great pistol great price
Review by Chefrod22 on 5/4/13
Bout two and they are great. Mostly blues and function wonderfully.
Polish P64 pistol
Review by Just4FunGuns on 5/1/13
Great little pistol, some holster wear, but to be expected. I ordered 2 P64s and am happy with both.
Thanks CF
A Bargain
Review by Michael on 4/29/13
Great value for the price. Nice little pistol. Definitely get a mainspring kit from wolff springs and change out the factory spring. This will make the DA trigger pull as smooth as a Walther pistol
Great find Classic!!
Review by ivanov on 4/28/13
The Polish Radom P64 9x18 I received is a vintage 1965. Nice feel, great price. Super solid action, minimum holster wear, and is a terrific concealed carry. Thanks Classic. You guys rock!
Great little compact
Review by wbrown on 4/28/13
A great little pistol. Accurate, and surefire. The only downside is the double action trigger. But, it's an easy fix with a "spring job". I.M.H.O., one can't buy a better backup piece, for the money. I hope Classic can find some more. They are like tater chips, one just ain't enough
Awesome pistol
Review by epoling on 4/27/13
I recieved my pistol about 1 month ago and have now taken it to the range and it functions flawlessly. I could not be happier with the service I recieved from Classic. Thanks.
Great Little Pistol!!
Review by {uZa}Scorpius on 4/27/13
I recently placed my 1st order with Classic.
I purchased 2 firearms including a P-64.
My order was processed & shipped extremely fast. It arrived at my local FFL in less than a week!!

I really Love this Makarov style P-64.

As soon as I got the gun home I field stripped it & cleaned it thoroughly.

I took it to the range & fired 100 rounds through it without a single misfeed or malfunction of any kind.

I absolutely Love the way this P-64 shoots & feels in my hands. Yes, it is a bit snappy when fired.
However, it is firing a 9mm Makarov round. A lot more stopping power compared to similar sized pistols that shoot .380, 38 special, etc..,

I should have ordered one sooner. A few days after placing my order they sold out.
I must have received one of the few pistols that were left in this batch of Makarov style pistols.

As a result my P-64 has approx. 80%-85% blue left on the pistol.
On the other hand, the bore looked Perfect!!

And I really do Enjoy shooting it!
In fact, the more I shoot it, the more I like it!!
I wish I ordered two of them.

It really is a Great little Pistol!!
Very Nice little pistol
Review by {uZa}Scorpius on 4/26/13
I placed my 1st order with Classic recently. I purchased 2 firearms including a P-64.
My order arrived at my local FFL in less than a week.
I really Love this Makarov style P-64.

As soon as I got the gun home I field stripped it & cleaned it thoroughly.

I took it to the range & fired 100 rounds through it without a single misfeed or malfunction of any kind.

I absolutely Love the way this P-64 shoots & feels in my hands. Yes, it is a bit snappy when fired.
However, it is firing a 9mm Makarov round. A lot more stopping power compared to similar sized pistols that shoot .380, 38 special, etc..,

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was due to cosmetic reasons. My P-64 has approx. 80%-85% blue left on the pistol.

On the other hand, the bore looked Perfect!! And I really do Enjoy shooting it!

It really is a great little pistol!!
Great Value
Review by Bookmanwv on 4/25/13
This was my first purchase from Classic and could not be happier with the value and service I received. So much so I have already made my second purchase. This is a great carry pistol for the money. Much more than similar firearms, like a Bersa, chambered in .380. The 9x18 round is hot, so much so you'll notice some discomfort in your palm from the narrow hard plastic back strap. Going to add a grip sleeve to mine to alleviate some of the pop. I found magazines somewhat difficult to load as well. These are very minor issues on what is a fine firearm for the money.
Very impressed.
Review by T4 on 4/25/13
I really like this little pistol. It is obviously very well made. Mine has a great finish. It has a touch of a plumb color in the right light.
I can not wait to shoot it!!!
P64 pistol
Review by Joel on 4/24/13
I bought two of these pistols. They appear to be almost new.
I haven't fired them yet, but I expect them to operate flawlessly.
Review by Mike on 4/24/13
I was very pleased with my purchase. The P64 was exactly as described and it arrived when Classic said it would arrive. I thought I had made a mistake on my order and when I inquired Classic's customer service department responded quickly to let me know everything was ok. It shoots great and is a great value. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Now I just need the ammo supply to come back so I can continue to shoot it.
Pleased with purchase
Review by Kk86f250 on 4/19/13
Over all I am happy with my purchase.

I recieved a pistol dated 1975

It has obvious signs of holster wear. The bluing is about 90-95% on it.

The double action trigger pull seems worse then my nagant revolver.

I have not had time to take it to the range, but when I do I will submit an updated review.

outstanding quality
Review by DAVID on 4/18/13
I received my Polish P-64 in what looks to be unissued condition with matching serial numbers on frame and slide. My P-64 was far better than advertised. I took it apart and it was as excellent on the inside as it was on the outside. Everything worked properly. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and would recommend Classic Firearms to anyone.
Great Concealed Carry Pistol
Review by Nick on 4/16/13
I purchased my P64 a couple of months ago. I am very pleased and surprised with the quality of this little gun. Upon inspection it appeared as though my P64 had only ever been fired once or twice, internally it appeared to be brand new. There was not even holster wear on mine, which was made in 1969. I ordered two mags, both function perfectly. I own a number of other handguns and I think that the P64 is a great choice for concealed carry. It is very slim and small. So far I have about 200 rounds though it, no problems. I have shot brown bear, brass lellier & bellot, and hornaday critical defense through it. The DA trigger pull is comparable to a revolver in my opinion. I have shot .380s and I do not think that the P64 is underpowered, I carry it with confidence. This pistol is also very accurate. Classic Firearms shipped quickly even during the height of the gun frenzy, will definitely order from them again.
Classic Firearms comes through yet again!
Review by Vepr Fan on 4/16/13
Here is what I love about Classic Firearms... they make it so dang easy to want to come back. I ordered a P64, and it arrived with some light damage that had me concerned about firing it. I contacted Classic, and within a day they had responded with a no questions asked return authorization.

My replacement was here within a week (from sending back the original, not from them receiving the return). The replacement looks near mint, and fires as good as it looks.

I like the CZ82 better as a shooter, but this gun has a nice solid feel to, and is a bit smaller. It looks almost like a PPK. Its easy to take down, and not a bad carry option, though there are certainly lighter options out there. It is a bit snappier than the CZ82 as I'd seen others report elsewhere. and has a smaller mag of course. Great gun though. I love it as something a little different, and firing one of my favorite rounds. This one will be tagging along on back country hikes and trips to the range. Thanks again Classic Firearms. If you didn't already have a customer for life, you do now.
Awesome Little Gun
Review by Daniel on 4/14/13
Picked my pistol up this weekend from my FFL and have to say what a bargain,its in great shape and the finish is excellent,i stocked up on ammo and will be buying another very soon.
Review by Paul on 4/12/13
Great gun in very good condition just like it says. Snappy in the hand, but shoots very well and is small enough to make the snappiness worth it! Put 100 rounds through it last weekend with no problems. Takes apart and cleans very easily.
Only problem is it is not double action. (ok it is but man is it heavy) you can order wolf spring to make it lighter. Single action works great.
very good pistol
Review by flash762 on 4/11/13
Just as written.
Like new finish and fit.
Excellent overall although ammo is not easy to find at a reasonable price.
Would buy another but for above.
Not a Bad buy
Review by Jason on 4/11/13
Not a bad little pistol made in 1971 when i received the gun i wasn't sure i was going to be happy it was a little rougher that what i expected (blueing wear) it was definitely used. a good amount of blue wear rear of the slide on the frame. overall looks like it was maintained ok some gunk on inside but it cleaned up fine. barrel and all important stuff looks fine. classic shipped fast being 2 hours from classic i got it the next day not bad with the way all the madness is now in April 2013 so in short it's a good shooter grade pistol a neat part of history!
As advertised. Fair deal.
Review by Airpirate on 4/10/13
I've now shot 200 rounds through my recently purchased P-64, and I am a happy camper. I was hoping for a pristine example, in perfect condition, but that is not what Classic promised. What I received was, a very good, functional Radom P-64, and it shoots well and is very accurate. Which is exactly what Classic promised. I use this as my "carry" pistol. My De Santis IWB holster for the Walther PPK fits perfectly. Highly recommended. Lots of fun for the money.
nice pistol
Review by Heath on 4/9/13
I am very happy with the condition of my p64. I would say that it is 85% or better on bluing. The slide moves smooth. The internals look new. The barrel looks new. Looks like it was only carried and not shot often. Matching numbers including mag. The pistol came with a cleaning rod screwdriver which is a simple but cool piece. Shipping was fast. I just finished shooting 50 brown bear through it, shot 100%. I am very happy about that. I am a happy customer and i will be back.
Thanks classic team!
Review by happy guy on 4/9/13
I was very impressed with Classic Firearms and this pistol. My P64 arrived in a very timely manner and in great condition. Made in 1973 my pistol had minor buing wear and was missing the red plastic marker on the safety but it functions fantastically and looks great!!!!! I am very happy with my purchace. It also came with the multi tool that I was not expecting. Thanks Classic Firearms!!!
Nice surplus pistol.
Review by Thomas on 4/8/13
I was really impressed, after reading how so many people complain about the hard trigger and kick. I found the P64 very easy to shoot and very little kick. I think some of these people should go shoot a S&W 29 and see what recoil really is. I might buy another for a pair like my CZ82's.
Good Shooter
Review by Russell on 4/6/13
When I first opened the box I was not too sure if I liked it or not. Had more wear than I was expecting and the safety was extremely hard to operate. I took the gun apart and gave it a good cleaning. The barrel actually looked very nice and the internals didn't show much wear. Safety worked WAY better after cleaning. Took it shooting today with some brown bear ammo and was very pleased with its accuracy. Double action was terrible, but the single action was very nice and light. A little bite to it on recoil, but I didn't think it was much more than my cz-82. Both are very manageable with a good firm grip. Ordered some new spings to try from Wolf springs for the double action. After shooting it today I am definitely happy with my purchase and would buy another one.
Great P64
Review by tinkernut52 on 4/6/13
Bought 2 of the P64 Radoms, Very nice condition, all most brand new, Dealing with Classic made me feel like I still have the Rights I was born with, can't wait till I can deal with them again, Thank you Classic
great value
Review by Michael on 4/5/13
This little pistol is a fantastic value for the price. Mine came in better condition than I was led to believe it would be in- only a little holster wear on the slide. DA trigger pull is extremely stiff, but that's an easy fix.
Excellent Little Pistol
Review by Nightflyer on 4/4/13
This is the third gun that I have purchased from Classic . It was shipped quickly and I was quite pleased with the condition. The gun only had light holster wear and a few scratches on the grip. When I took it to the range I was impressed with the reliability and accuracy. The sights are some of the best I have seen for this type of pistol. Having read many reviews, I was worried about the trigger pull. the DA pull is quite stout but the SA trigger pull on my gun is not bad at all. I would highly recommend this one as a great surplus deal. The only down side is that now you have to pay $20 to get a second magazine.
Great Shooters
Review by Chuck on 4/3/13
After watching numerous YouTube videos and reviews, I decided it was well worth the risk to purchase one of these, because nothing is available in this price range at local venues. When the package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, at the look, feel and function. After a long search for ammo and a trip to the range, was delighted at the accuracy, too. My son had me order one for him, too. While not as cosmetically as nice as mine, it's the same straight shooter, though he had a problem with the "web bite". Will most likely be ordering one or two more, for the wife and another son. The folks at Classic are awesome!
What a experience
Review by Mike on 4/1/13
Wow. I love shopping and browsing what Classic has it in store. So many goodies that caught my eyes including this P64 pistol. I liked the fact it resembled PPK and all steel construction. I researched thoroughly before committing to buy this one. I would have purchased both CZ82 and P64 but CZ 82 was not available, When I first got it, I stripped completely following Youtube videos. I cleaned using CLP every part in the pistol. It was only time that I spent more than 30 minutes cleaning a pistol. It was packed with gunk and all that. This was expected of course. I decided to apply Froglube just to make sure. I took it to range past weekend with only Mak ammos I had, Brown Bear. When I was trying a double action, I thought I reassembled wrong somehow or my trigger was stuck somewhere. I knew lot of people commented how tough the DA was, but I was not prepared that type of pull. I almost field strip again. I decided to man up and pull it safely and boy it did. SA was like a butter. Smooth and very light pull especially after pulling that ridiculous 50lb DA pull. Loading 6 ammos into a magazine was tough as well. Maybe I got wimpier using Glock and Taurus pistols. I was able to put 100 rounds with a single incident. Overall, it is very accurate weapon, and I assume it will be a very good CCW piece once I replace the main spring and bring its DA pull to more manageable level. I ordered 17-18 lb springs at Wolff site. Lot of web site indicates that those springs will reduce DA pull. We will see. My Barsony IWB holster seems to hold P64 fairly well. I wish it had extra mag pocket on outer belt clip. Since it is single stack, it feels alright inside my belt, Overall, I am giving 4 stars for the weapon instead of 5 stars just because I had to order main springs. But it is a fine weapon for $270 (shipping + FFL). I will give 5 stars for Classic team.
Great little Mak shooter!!
Review by Root6t6 on 3/31/13
As usual Classic was the best and there were no problems at all with the order process or delivery to my FFL.
This is a great little shooter. Fairly accurate for a small pistol and feels comfortable in the hand. I have medium to small hands and this is quite nice. The single action trigger is a beauty but the double is out there. Would not even use it. 50 oz at least. the only reason for loosing one star. The pistol came clean and in amazing shape like all my orders from Classic. These guys always treat me right!
Great service
Review by Harry on 3/30/13
Super Fast shipping,excellent quality and,awesome service ,Classic Firearms is the BEST !!
not as advertised
Review by jim on 3/28/13
This one was night and day different than a previous rated VGC from another vendor.I even requested via email to attempt to find a nice one(not too much to ask since placing recent purchases)The p64 I got I would rate at 60%finish with not just holster wear but stain spots.From all the ad hype I honestly expected better.I like classic for what they do and stand for but this last one left a bad taste.
Not like last one
Review by Woody on 3/25/13
Quite worn compared to last p64 I bought a few years ago.cleaned as normal before shooting.at the range this weekend,and would not fire,trigger had no resistance.not sure what I will do.wish they would have a hand pick option,but last reviews looked good?always had great luck in past with classic ,hmmmm
a bit dissapointed
Review by akigk on 3/24/13
I requested CF to pick a good looking example as it was for collecting rather than only shooting. Gun arrived and it was in pretty beat-up shape although the bore was v. good as usually with those guns. My request for pre-1970 date was also unanswered. I guess they are running out of stock and that is what they have left.
Excellent right out of the box
Review by Thunder_lips on 3/24/13
Out of the box the gun looked almost brand new. there was hardly any wear and tear on it. I just had a chance to shoot this gun yesterday after having it for about a week. Flawless is the only word I can use to describe it. I would recommend this gun to anyone. Good job Classic Firearms!
Review by Clayton on 3/21/13
Awesome! Forget anything anyone has told you about this gun having a heavy triger or being hard to shot. I feel the triger is perfect for its size and it shoots great! Bluing showed some wear but I is a used gun. So I would buy one all day for this price and reblue it yourself if you want to have a great little gun!
Best Purchase
Review by DBAZ on 3/20/13
Looked for quality small gun and frankly where I am at, Mak is so much cheaper than Lugar, so I took a chance and bought this. It is now my favorite pistol in my collection. So solid, harkens back to all steel, compact for ccw use, breaks down in seconds for cleaning.....Mine was in very very good condition. More holster wear than usage. I could not be happier with the gun. I don't see how you can find this quality of a gun at this price in these times. PS: because of all the double action trigger talk (it is true heavy trigger) I bought the aftermarked spring set. Yet to put them in though. Thanks Classic.
Polish Radom P64 purchase
Review by reddy on 3/18/13
The Polish P64 arrived in 3 days. Very well pleased with the pistol. Only (-) was the grip bolt nut was missing. Fashioned one, works fine. Would definitely buy from again.
-- a happy camper.
Review by Andrew on 3/18/13
I bought 2 of these and considering the current environment of the firearms market, they arrived in good time from CF. I am very impressed by these little guns. They are very accurate and for being surplus pistols, the finish is way better than I thought it would be. In fact, both of them were almost mint. The double action on both pistols is much too heavy to use. I'm not sure you could hit a building at 10 yards using it. However, I don't even use the double action on my Beretta M-9, so it doesn't bother me. I plan to buy 2 more of these little guns next payday, assuming there are still some in stock.
Nice little CCW
Review by BackWoodsDrifter on 3/15/13
Purchased this pistol and was eager for it to arrive at my FFL. Easy to take down and clean feels great in my hands and is easily carried. will change some of the springs around to suite my needs but I'm very happy with my purchase!
Quality Merchandise and Service
Review by NC Shooter on 3/14/13
Being my first purchase from Classic Firearms, I couldn't be more satisfied.
This P64 is operationally ready for use as stated, upon receipt. A high quality C&R gun that is very impressive.
I'm certainly looking forward to doing future business with Classic Firearms.
Great Pistol / Best Quality
Review by Campus PoPo on 3/12/13
This was my second P64 I've purchased. This one is much better quality than my first bought from another distributor. The P64 is a great CC weapon. I carry it pretty much everywhere in a versacarry holster. The quality of this P64 is nearly brand new and was manufactured in 1974. Internal parts are all clean. I will be buying another one as soon as possible.
Fast delivery, as advertised.
Review by Larry on 3/11/13
Gun came well packaged with 2 magazines, looks in great shape, little holster wear but easily reblued. Just now have to find bullets to enjoy it. As a bonus got a cleaning rod too!
Nice pistols
Review by Mike on 3/10/13
Overall nice little pistol. Mine was worn considerably but functions flawlessly. My mistake for not purchasing one earlier. The polish t33 and cz82 were perfect in everyway.
Kinda frown on the price increases but thats business.The customer service was excellant. Best in the business as far as im concerned.
fantastic buy
Review by Peter G on 3/10/13
great little pistol, virtually no wear 95%+ bluing. came with matching serial mag
Radom P64
Review by the Don on 3/8/13
Classic Firearms shipped super fast, got in two days. I ordered two P64's, both looked almost new except one had some type of red color in parts of the bluing. That's the only reason for 4 instead of five stars. I haven't shot them yet but don't anticipate problems.
Well built little gun
Review by Joe on 3/8/13
I received my P64 in the mail today. I didn't like that it was shipped USPS, but it got here. Great little gun, it arrived with a little holster wear. It looks like it was shot very little. It's first 100 rounds went great. I now have a new carry gun. Thanks Classic firearms.
Great P-64
Review by djbutts on 3/7/13
Placed order Monday and received P-64 today (Thurs). I am very well pleased with the P64. It had only minor holster rub on the sides of the slide. The rest of the pistol was in great shape. I cleaned but really there was no need. You could tell that the mags had been used but were in great shape also. I could not ask for any better service.
Thanks again Classic for the excellent service.
Excellent Buy!
Review by David on 3/7/13
Pistol arrived onetime and in excellent condition. Double action pull required two hands to pull. Installed reduced power trigger spring 18lbs Wolff spring which made the double action feel right. Also added increased power 24 lb wolf recoil spring to help tame the recoil. Sights suck with black on black almost invisible. Will add some orange dots to fix this problem. With these fixes I love the gun. Picked up 2 extra mags because they may be very hard to find in a few years.
Good, but not Very Good!
Review by David on 3/4/13
Classic delivered when they said and have great shipping prices. I ordered 2 - P64s. They are solid well built pistols (1968, 1970). Bluing was more worn than I expected form the discription and photos.
The 2 pistols I recieved were NOT clean and ready to shoot. (Look at the video review by Firearm Pop) These pistols need to be taken down 100% and cleaned well when you get them or they may not function properly. If you can not do this yourself then take it to someone can or has an ultrasonic cleaner. I bought my 2 - P64s with the intent of tearing them down, striping, rebluing and rebuilding them with new grips and Wolf springs (to lighten the double action pull).
Great Choice
Review by DBpolish on 3/1/13
Great choice for Milsurp type gun, which is completely functional/ccw. Mine was in good to very good condition. Extremely happy. Seems lightly shot, some holster wear on barrel, but I cannot imagine it was heavily used. Very satisfied!.
Service Unmatched by Anyone!!!!
Review by Zachary on 2/25/13
When I received my P64 it was in great shape!! The wear on it was very minor for a gun built in the 70's and fired flawlessly! Put almost 200 rounds through it with out it jamming!

On another note, that has to do with my order, there was a minor shipping issue, that when I brought it up to Classic Firearms they immediately replied and remedied the situation! I have bought many guns, parts, and ammo from you guys and it NEVER seems to amaze me the quality of not only your product, but of your service too!!!
Polish Radom P64 Pistol
Review by Mike on 2/23/13
Great Pistol Finish was very nice a few holster marks but rust free and super clean bore
Lot of quality for the money
Review by Donald on 2/23/13
Long review(s)! Ordered 1 P64 on Feb8th, order took 10 day's to process. Brother ordered one under the same name on Feb 18th, his was processed overnight. Go figure! Anyway, ours came in just 1 day apart from one another. Mine is a 1967, moderate grip wear (officer was a lefty, lots of keychain wear), but nice 85% blue on everything, slide and associated parts are deep plum in color, very cool! Brothers is a lot nicer with less internal wear on the edges. Both are 100% rock solid with no parts play, both shoot very well. Had 2 fail to lock back opens out of 50 rounds. Mag spring on mine feels weak. His only had 1 bullet go nose up on the last round, no other problems. His was clean, mine was caked in dirt and cosmoline. Not a problem, I love getting dirty. All in all, excellent value for the money, just remember these are surplus, not brand new. Still, quality of machine work, tolerances is above Walther quality. Radom made some good guns!
A neat little machine.!
Review by privateer on 2/21/13
It is Thursday,21 February 2013..I just came back from my FFL dealer with a Classic Firearms WZ P64 polish pistol with a second magazine. The first Thing I did is take it apart and clean it. Made in 1971,I would grade it as NRA 98%. i bought a Russian red leather Makarov holster for it which is a good fit.This is my second purchase in two weeks from Classic Firearms and I am pleased with their service.Twenty years ago I purchased an unfired WZ44 Polish Carbine,their version of the Mosin Nagant M44 IN 762X54 and this pistol is a good match for that rifle.
Very Good Radom Makarov!
Review by ComBlocShooter on 2/21/13
Im very happy with the quality and condition of this pistol! The function and fit was excellent! There was only slight bluing wear from holster use, this was easily touched up with some cold-blue. The SA/DA trigger pull was excellent and very smooth! The bore was spotless and in extremely good condition. No cracks, scratches or abuse anywhere on this pistol. One of the best condition Makarovs I own!
Review by Chris on 2/21/13
Excellent job from the staff at Classic Firearms, this was my second pistol from them & I received it promptly & packed securely. As far as the P64, it was flawless. You wouldnt know it was 37 years old. Seriously, like new condition! Thanks for a perfect transaction & a perfect firearm Classic.
Nice CCW
Review by Kenneth on 2/19/13
Great shape for surplus! Nice little pistol for the price. Don't buy new junk in the $250 range when you can get this STEEL gun for the same price. I will buy from Classic again.
Excellent Pistol
Review by DeadPatriot on 2/18/13
Great gun, great value. Shoots better than my PPK. Thanks Classic Fire Arms
great addition to my collection
Review by Piper on 2/15/13
This is a remarkable pistol in amazing condition. Very accurate and a light single action trigger pull. Double action tough as expected. Bluing is like new. Was not shot much and makes a great addition to my collection.
Excellent Firearm
Review by Billy on 2/6/13
I received the P64 faster than I thought I would considering how busy y'all are. Thank you. I love the fact that you are Christians there too! Anyway, the pistol is all you say it is and more. I love the safety on it - it disables the trigger and keeps the hammer off the firing pin...and is very convenient to release. If you're going to shoot it a lot, bring a glove...it's a bit "snappy"! Love it! Thanks guys!
it'll be ok
Review by WebMonkey on 2/1/13
was excited after reading the description on how good this latest batch was. mine was as expected on the outside but less than expected on the inside. the slide internals (bolt area) is beat up pretty good. the wrong detent spring and/or plunger was installed making the safety nearly impossible to 'flip' back and forth. after taking out the safety 'arm' i noticed it was chewed up quite a bit as well. i smoothed it out a bit and cut off half of the detent plunger spring. the plunger did not even begin to enter the detent spring well before cutting the spring. the hammer spring was either wore out or wrong. i had prepared myself for the quoted heavy double action trigger pull. it wasn't there. it was much lighter than anticipated. single action pull was an accident waiting to happen :). anyway, don't get me wrong. i bought a milsurp, i got a milsurp. i'm not turned off at the purchase. i've got a yugo tok in 'pack' status with classic. i had a good time checking it out and modifying it to suit me. new springs, 22 recoil, 20 hammer, and i'm fine. a little touch up blue pen etc etc.. would have loved a pistol matching the description more closely but will NOT be sending this one back. ;)
Like it.
Review by shop tomo on 1/28/13
I am very happy with my P-64. I had my LGS order it for me. I shoot the best with it of all my carry guns. It's well-made and proven. I'm glad I got mine for 199 bucks before the price hike.
OK, but with a surprise
Review by Gary on 1/19/13
My P64 came with a brown slide which was a surprise as the description did not mention that possibility. But it was in decent condition and so far shoots OK. So although browning is not my favorite finish, I'll live with it. Buying a gun sight unseen is always a bit of a gamble - don't buy C&R guns online without expecting surprises. I do wish sellers would provide better descriptions.
Radom P64 Pistol
Review by DickH on 1/15/13
Nice little pistol, shoots a tight group also!
Good price and very good service! Will be doing more business with Classic Firearms!!
Works Great - get brass ammo before heading to your indoor range
Review by notsowise on 12/26/12
I am fairly new to gun ownership, but the stylin' retro look, numerous positive reviews, conceal carry attributes and Classic's reputation told me all I needed to make the purchase. First of all, the transaction was flawless and the gun arrived in superb condition. Hardly any holster wear marks and the components were very clean. I immediately disassembled the gun to strip the oils and apply FrogLube before my maiden trip to the range. Based on reviews, I also ordered some replacement springs, but honestly, the DA trigger pull is not too bad. I may not even upgrade the springs. Anyway, about the Russian bi-metal ammo available from Classic...under that beautiful copper coating is steel. I showed the ammo the folks at my indoor range and they said no steel ammo allowed. So, I had to purchase their very expensive brass 9x18 ammo before they'd let me shoot. I'm just glad they had Makarov ammo, but won't be buying from them anymore. Didn't know what to expect before pulling the trigger, but when it went bang, I got a big smile. The gun performed beautifully. The recoil was not a problem. The handle fits my hand fine. Lots of ammo smoke = lots of fun. Only shot about 25 rounds, but wanted to shoot more - lots more. Ever since my first (and only) outing with the gun, I've been babying my P-64. I think I'll be selling some of my other guns as I can't see carrying anything else. Will soon be heading out to the desert to shoot the copper Russian LVE ammo I got from Classic. I hear the gun was made to run this ammo the best. Thanks, Classic!
not as expected
Review by Brett on 12/16/12
Received my p64 quickly but was disappointed when I opened the box to see a gun with far less bluing than described. The entire slide was brown. The gun was also described as clean and ready to fire, not hardly! When I took off the slide it actually had what looked like gear oil dripping out of it and it smelled nasty. So the entire gun went into my ultrasonic cleaner with hot water and simple green. After cleaning I stripped the metal and reblued the gun. If I didn't enjoy the refinishing process this gun would have gone right back for exchange. Mechanical it seems fine will know for sure when I get it to the range
Good, not as good as expected
Review by shughes on 12/14/12
This was my first C&R purchase, as well as my first buy from classic. Customer service seems great, of course. However, I'm gonna dock a star because the gun wasn't quite in the condition I expected. It has a fair amount of scratches and areas where the bluing has worn off. The two magazines I received were also a bit rough. The extra one has a slightly sticky spring (black with dirt/corrosion) but still operated fine in the gun. I put about 50 rounds through each mag without a problem.

Functionally, the gun is reliable, period. It is heavy and solid. It has a strong hammer spring, as we all know, so double action firing is nearly impossible. Single action is nice and clean. Sights are lacking, but for a gun this size I don't care too much about that. The safety on mine is also quite stiff, but works fine. Easy take down is also nice, but watch out for that trigger bar... it's a pain to get back on if you let it fall out. Keep the hammer cocked while you're cleaning it.

Compared to my previous carry gun (kel-tec pf-9) this gun is way more reliable and cost about $50 less, so I'd say it's definitely worth the price for collecting/carrying. However, I would only put the cosmetics at fair to good condition. Combined with the functionality, I'd rate it somewhere between good and very good. Maybe I expected too much. For $200, I would buy again though.
Wise Purchase
Review by Christopher J on 12/3/12
First I have to communicate to readers of this that Classic staff is awesome, Janet and Rick really took care of me on this. Received a 1971 in amazing condition. These are surplus and as described and come with some minimal holster wear but for the money the condition and reliability it's amazing. Make sure you order the extra mag option and would suggest ordering another for a total of 3 as not telling how long will still be available. Will save on shipping from ordering again later. As for CCW, I agree with all the posts about DA trigger pull but see it as an added safety feature, SA is nice and smooth. ammo readily available and reasonably priced. For the money, including ammo for target and HP for CCW can't beat it. Thanks so much.
Great Carry Pistol
Review by Todd on 11/27/12
I purchased a CZ 82 along with this P64 on my first order! Upfront, both pistols exceeded my expectations for Mil-Surp firearms! The P64 was in excellent shape almost no cosmetic wear on the unit I received. The internals were very clean just like the bore and the magazines! This pistol fit perfectly in my Talon IWB holster made for a Bodyguard .380! Thanks Classic, you earned a loyal customer!
Review by Renaissance Man on 11/15/12
I like the size of this pistol and I like the look; however, this thing jams every few rounds and is very difficult to clear when it does so. So much for a potential CCW. I can't see myself relying on this to save my life. 'Gonna put some Wolff springs in it, polish the ramp, and look for any rough spots. If I can get it to feed reliably, this very accurate pistol will be great...
Review by Phil on 11/3/12
Received gun promptly,only two small wear spots in bluing at front of muzzle, otherwise gun is in like new condition. Get some Wolfe springs and you can't beat it for CCW
Fantastic Pistol and Service!
Review by Joshua on 10/16/12
This was my first order from Classic, and I am very impressed. Setting up my FFL03 account was easy, my email questions were answered same day, and the shipment arrived in 3 days. Other dealers could learn a few things about how to run a customer service based business.

Now for the P-64. I paid the $10 for hand select, and got the the "close to 100%" bluing wear as advertised. There is no sign of the type of rubbing or holster wear often seen on surplus pistols. There are two small pinhead sized bare spots on the front strap and another one on the slide under the muzzle. All serial#s match, including the magazine. Obviously the extra mag I ordered had a different serial #.

The pistol had been fired, as there was minor wear around the chamber and on the bolt face. Mechanically, everything was fine after a standard cleaning. The bore was mirror bright and spotless.

The odd thing is that the red dot under the safety lever was missing. Not worn away, but missing. The indentation was there, but not a hint that is was ever red. A couple drops of red acrylic filled the indention and dried flat, filling the hole completely. I'm sure 99% of people would never know that it wasn't the factory red dot.

The online reviews of the P-64 are mostly true. The factory hammer spring is way too heavy, and that's coming from someone who regularly shots a Nagant revolver in double action. Swapped it out for the Wolff 17lb., and it is about the same as the Nagant in double action now. Single action if fantastic.

Recoil was snappy, but not as bad as some people make it out to be. I did add the Hogue Handall jr. grip sleeve mostly for the palm swell, and found it easy to acquire a good hold and reacquire the target between shots.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and would recommend the P-64 and Classic Firearms to my friends.
Mighty fine firearm
Review by Michael on 10/4/12
Bought this along with a Polish Tokarev and am not disappointed in the slightest. I ordered hand select and an extra mag, but when I got it the extra mag was not in the box. I emailed them and the next day the mag was in the mail to me! Fantastic service from a fantastic group of folks. Grab this pistol up while you can as you will not be at all disappointed in it.
Received P64 AWESOME
Review by Rand-O on 9/12/12
I received my P64 from Classic. I purchased with Handpick and an extra mag. I'm very happy with what I received and the service from Classic. Shipping was fast and emails were quick. I believe they are a good bunch of guys and gals. Weapon grip is a little thin or small for me but new grips will take care of that. It does have a trigger pull problem but what I understand you can replace the spring to help that. My Classic Arms experience was 5 Stars. Rand-O
Very nice!
Review by Mark on 9/10/12
I've never ordered a mail order C&R firearm before, so I was a bit leary. Well Classic Firearms sure delivered!!! The pistol was perfect, hardly any wear. I rubbed it with a cloth and it shined like a new pistol!!!

Don't hesitate.. do it before these P64's have dried up. This is the last online guys I knew still selling them.
Great Purchase
Review by Michael on 9/7/12
I purchased a P64 and CZ82 at the same time. Both arrived in great condition and the transaction was smooth as glass. I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived on the next Monday... going across country! Outstanding service.
Great little gun
Review by Scott on 8/29/12
I have wanted one for a long time and was surprised at the solid construction. I did replace the recoil and main spring which was not a core at all. This is the 2nd firearm I bought from Classic and am very happy with the service.
Great for CCW
Review by david on 8/28/12
Picked this up as an addition to my collection. It arrived very quickly and it’s in excellent shape. Haven’t had time to take this one to the range yet but will very soon…
Another Wonderful Purchase
Review by Grant on 8/27/12
Great lil pistol at a steal. Radom certainly produces some amazing weapons. The fit and design of this firearm amazes me. While I enjoy all of my surplus weapons, I really love this one.
Very nice, shipped quickyl
Review by STEPHAN on 8/22/12
I received my P-64 today and it looks very nice. It is a 1972 and there is some wear around the mussel as expected but other than that it really looks nice. Just wish it came with the holster to make it era correct. I can't wait to get out and shoot it as I am waiting on ammo to arrive.
Absolutely perfect!
Review by Glenn on 8/18/12
Ordered on 8/15, received on 8/18. Perfect condition, no wear. Now if only Classic would ship ammo to Massachusetts, but they are afraid, as are many other dealers. Hello, there are no laws against out of state dealers shipping ammo to MA! It's allowed under the Interstate Commerce Act. I will provide you with all the info you need regarding this situation. Anyone who touts the NRA and 2nd Ammendment, yet refuses (out of fear) to step up to the plate against misinformed politicians, is not a true believer in our God-given rights! Nevertheless, great service, great pistol. Thanks.
a manly gun
Review by Stogies on 8/16/12
Apparently I am not man enough to shoot it double action, I simply do not have enough strength, lol. Sweet single action trigger however.
Not for people afraid of recoil and ergonomically challenging because the recoil goes right into the web of your hand. Shoot it wearing an old glove and no problem (Commie guns were made for that, large trigger guards, always cold in Commieland after all).
Surprisingly accurate for it's size.
Excellent value for the money!
Review by Norman on 8/11/12
I ordered the P-64 and got a 1975 in excellent shape just holster wear. I found a crack in the frame and called Classic and they sent me a return sticker and RMA number. No hassle, No BS, just good ole custumer service. Sent the pistol back and it seems they sent the replacement back in two days. The replacement is a 1973 but in better shape cosmetically. Thanks Classic for the fast turnaround. Would recommend Classic for any firearm purchase.
Very nice, as listed
Review by ExHack on 8/11/12
Just received mine. Hand selected. In near-perfect cosmetic condition - couple of spots of finish wear on the muzzle and front strap, otherwise flawless. DA pull is tough AND rough (almost gritty), SA pull is butterfly-light. Please note that per current photos, there is no holster - easy enough to find one on GB, and another reviewer states these fit in PPK holsters, which is believable because the two guns look almost identical. Look forward to taking it to the range.
Great C&R Pistol
Review by Daniel on 8/1/12
Received my P64 today from Classic, ordered on Saturday night, here on Wednesday morning, and shipping was more than fair. Just went with the standard gun, no hand select, and an extra mag. The gun that I received was in wonderful condition. Only the slightest blueing wear on the muzzle end of the gun, blueing elsewhere was flawless, red dot in safety in perfect shape, mags also were top notch. The double action trigger wasn't nearly bad as I had read about, and the single action trigger is downright nice. High recommend pistol, and highly recommended vendor!
Very Good Condition
Review by James on 7/26/12
Ordered on Tuesday and recieved on Saturday. Ordered the hand select and extra magazine. Pistol arrived and is in great condition. Only very minor wear near muzzle from holster wear. Haven't gotten out to shoot it yet, but magazines feed and gun cycles with no problems. Only complaints are I ordered thinking pistol still came with service holster shown in pictures and my shipping information has not been updated in over a week, have had pistol 5 days and it still says USPS expecting to pick up my package.
get one now
Review by Christopher on 7/24/12
Like another reviewer I opted for the hand pick which did not arrive resembling the hand pick option. Significant missing blue and the red indicator paint is gone.

Am I upset? Nope because I feel this is a fair deal at $209 for the gun. The trigger pull on my specimen wasn't bad at all in either double or single action. The pistol is tiny so you could actually pocket carry it and the 9X18 caliber is a useful caliber. 9X18 might be a little hard to find but it should be relatively cheap.

I don't know how much longer these guys will last be available but I am glad I got one before they were gone.
Get one while you can.
Review by Blao on 7/13/12
My copy is in geat condition. It really looks beautiful in the holster but for shooting, I rather go to the range with my 1911. The purposed heavy double action is one of the safety features of the pistol, so do not defeat it. The commies wore these mainly for dress code. It also a tool to avoid capture.
Amazing Pistol, Amazing Deal
Review by Troy on 7/6/12
Picked up my P-64 yesterday from my FFL dealer. I chose hand-select, expecting maybe some holster wear around the muzzle, but the pistol, made in 1976, is in perfect, like-new condition. It's a beautiful piece.

Everyone familiar with these pistols complains about its wretched double-action trigger pull. Okay, it's a fair gripe: the double-action trigger is atrocious, but Wolfe replacement springs are readily available online and it doesn't take extraordinary mechanical skill and a degree in engineering to swap out a hammer spring. (I recommend the 18 lb spring: it just feels right to me.)

I watched an instructional video I found on YouTube, read the fix instructions on the P-64 resource site, and managed to achieve double action performance superior to that of my Ruger LCP in about 30 minutes. I'm sure someone mechanically inclined could do it in half the time or less.

I'll continue to do business with Classic Arms. Couldn't be happier with both product and service.
very good but not excellent
Review by derrickd95 on 6/28/12
I bought this for my brother as a birthday gift as my family is polish and my brother collects polish firearms. I received it with bluing gone around the ejector and a copper finish showing and the red safety indicator completely worn off. I wouldn't complain about this normally but I paid for the hand pick and it didn't match the description. gave it to my brother as a shooter and gave 500 rounds to compensate. didn't send it back because not enough time before birthday

Classic Firearms response: Hi derrickd95, I apologize the pistol was not as you expected. I do wish you would have called so we could make it right for you, but I also understand you were under a time constraint. Feel free to reach out to me directly when you read this or at any point in the future. I appreciate your business and want you to be a satisfied customer. God Bless.....Rick Jones

Great little carry gun
Review by gunreviewguy1 on 6/18/12
I did the review below of the P64 I purchased from Classic Firearms. For the money, it can't be beat.
Buy this today!!!before they are gone.
Review by Charles on 6/10/12
My first order won't be my last. The folks had a hic cup with my name and the USPS screwed up. Classic sent it right back and was I surprised at what I opened. Looks new, clean, hardly shows it was fired. I disassembled ( I always do with all firearms before going to range) and found once it got used to Hornady JHP, fired accurate as my SIG 40cal. Don't believe all the hype about recoil...this is milsurp small gun that packs a wallop MAK round. If you want less recoil, buy a .25cal and check your lipstick. Great CCW, I carry it now that I have range proven it. Can't wait for CZ70 to become C&R. Next stop, will be a Mosin Nagant for Father's Day. Hint ladies!
Review by m0m0 on 6/8/12
It's everything advertised, loud, kicks like a mule, and!!! I love it.......With the 500 rounds of ammo I purchased, I intend to spend lots of time at the range......gona buy another 500 rounds and then a CZ-82, or maybe buy the CZ-82 first......................lol.....I am well pleased with all my purchases (3) from ClassicFireArms...........
Absolutely Excellant
Review by Daniel on 6/3/12
Perfect for concealed carry. I ordered a hand select and the blueing was 99.9%. Incredible little pistol packs a punch as well.
very nice
Review by delta bear on 5/25/12
I bought one a while back and it is very nice, with the exceptions of a few wear spots around the barrel it looks brand new. The holster and mags are also in great condtion, and they removed all the cosmoline which sweetens the deal even more.
LIke it so much I just bought another
Review by Cathcapall on 5/21/12
The P-64 is an all steel, milled frame and milled slide pistol that fits well in the pocket. Many people liken this weapon to the PPK. In fact, its hard to not see it as a clone.

Classic gives an option for hand select. I did my first without using that because it is a pocket pistol and is going to be beaten on. The second I paid for the hand select. The first came looking really good, likely in the 85-90% range, mostly holster wear. The hand select, came in such a condition as I wonder whether it was ever issued.

One of the features of this weapon is a hammer drop safety. Yes, it has a decocking mechanism, but only the foolish would use it while pointing the weapon at someone or something. That goes for any manufacturer.

It shoots the 9x18 Mak round, which has more punch than a .380 but not quite as much as a 9x19 (NATO, Para). As for size, it has a slightly larger diameter than the 9x19.

These pistols utilize a blowback operation. The barrel is pinned in place in the frame, like on the CZ-82,83, and others. This causes the weapon to be incredibly accurate at defense ranges.

Here is the bad part. These things come off the boat with simply abysmal double action draws, and a very light single action draw. In double action the trigger pull is 22lbs or more. There is a fix, and that is to change the factory recoil and trigger springs to 22 lb and 17 lb respectively. The springs are available from Wolf Springs.

Changing the springs brings things down to 11 lbs and 1.5lbs (very very light to hair). The very light pull for some will lead to unintended double taps. This will cause some folks to not carry this weapon as a service pistol. I myself use the weapon as a pocket defense weapon, with one in the chamber, hammer down, and safety on.

No it isn't a Kimber Solo. But you aren't paying $1000 either. For what it is, and what it does, and how much it costs, its awesome. And I would not buy one from anyone but Classic because they send the second mag and holster. Unlike some others who send one mag and no holster then charge more for those items.